How ‘TWD' Could Finally Crossover With ‘Fear'

Fear The Walking Dead may have spinned off from the original series on AMC, but it doesn't have much in common with the comic adaptation. However, the Walking Dead panel at New York Comic-Con teased a potential connection that you may not have picked up on. Could Nick become a Whisperer on The Walking Dead ? The Fear character has some habits in common with the villainous group from the comics.

Early on in the panel, moderator and comedian Jason Mantzoukas described the villains to the audience. They walk en masse among the dead, wearing human skin suits to blend in with the walkers and remain undetected. Before I could finish writing down in my notes that that described the behavior of La Colonia on Fear The Walking Dead , Kirkman made an off-hand, seemingly joking remark that they could have come up from Mexico. Then, when asked point-blank if Nick was going to be a Whisperer, Kirkman answered "no comment."

Before giving that answer, Kirkman did deny having ever discussed plans to merge The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead. I want to make it very clear that "no comment" could mean just that. As Mantzoukas pointed out in the panel, the girl who asked the question basically incepted all of us. But like, what if it didn't? How cool would it be to have the character who crosses over be a villain? What if this clue has just been out in the open on the spin-off and we never noticed?

It is a stretch, logistically — even if Madison's Southern roots have you theorizing that she is Rick Grimes' sister, or related to Andrea. Though Fear The Walking Dead does take place before The Walking Dead, it's not that much before. The Fear pilot takes place just over a month before the Walking Dead pilot, according to an official AMC press release, and time has passed on both shows with every season since. If Nick were to walk to the East Coast and catch up to The Walking Dead Season 7, I think he would need to start now. Still, it would be an impressive reveal, and a really neat way to make the TWD universe just a little bit smaller.

Image: Peter Iovino/AMC