Single 25-Year-Olds In Denmark Get Hella Pranked

Andrew Redington/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

International traditions can often seem a little different and kooky, at least compared to our own that we've grown up with. One of the more wild ones has got to be what happens to you if you're single on your 25th birthday in Denmark. If you thought being single on your birthday was bad enough, just you wait! People in Denmark are traditionally tied to a street pole or a chair and publicly doused with cinnamon from head to toe if they are still unmarried by 25.

The tradition stems wayyyyy back to a time of traveling spice salesmen. Because the men were so busy trying to get their business up and running, and because the nature of their job required them to be on the move constantly, many did not settle down. Nowadays, depending on your age and relationship status, you can be smothered with spices like cinnamon when you are 25 or peppered when you are 30. In fact, being peppered is called Pebersvend for a man and Pebermø for a woman.

This might sound like a really wacky tradition, but just think about our very own traditions in America. With Halloween coming up, you really should be questioning why little kids dressed up in costumes are begging strangers for candy. How is that something we just gloss over? Or how about searching for eggs on Easter? What does the Easter Bunny have to do with Jesus rising from the dead? At the end of the day, every place has its own weird traditions and quirks. Denmark's just involves spices!

This tradition does admittedly seem a little messy. All that cinnamon and pepper flying around and getting in your eyes? No thank you! But on the other hand, what an inventive way to show people you are not married. Now there is a clear way for people to know that you are unattached to another human. Maybe this actually helps people go on more dates?

This would be a great thing to hinge a rom-com on. Maybe you want to avoid being publicly pelted with fine spices altogether? BOOM, Hollywood magic. You're welcome, foreign press.

Personally, I love this! Anything that gets your friends and you together is OK by me. I'm sure in my group of friends we would all be throwing spices at each other the year we all turn 25. Traditions are made to enjoy and celebrate an occasion — even a jokey one. So why not book some tickets for 25th and check this out for yourself!

Images: Andrew Redington/Getty Images