Denmark Encourages Young People To Have More Sex ... For Their Moms

While population growth is soaring around the world, some countries are finding it a bit more difficult to encourage younger generations to go forth and multiply. Japan and Italy have notoriously low birthrates, and now Denmark joins the list of places where people just aren't reproducing. Enter Denmark's "Do it for Mom" campaign, a somewhat silly yet simultaneously serious effort to encourage Danes to do the deed so their parents can finally be gifted with grandchildren.

So how are they encouraging young people to reproduce? With a funny video, of course. The "Do it for Mom" campaign ad opens with some sobering facts: the Danish welfare system is suffering because of low birthrates, but mothers who have yet to become grandmothers are suffering, too. Although moms can't actually help their kids get pregnant, the video states (and then cuts to a hilarious/awkward scene with a silver-haired woman removing the bra of her son's partner in bed), they can help facilitate more and better sex. How, you ask? By sending their offspring on vacation, of course. But not just any vacation — it has to be somewhere warm and tropical, because folks have 51 percent more sex on those kinds of getaways.

Spies Rejser on YouTube

According to science, the warm weather coupled with engaging in outdoor activities that make you sweat will increase your sex drive and the chance that you'll conceive. This is where travel company Spies, comes in. To help with this underpopulation epidemic, they started a program where future grandmothers (and grandfathers) can contribute money to send their children and their partners on sunny vacations in the hopes of being compensated with a bundle of joy nine months later.

It's also been suggested in the past that 10 percent of Danes are conceived abroad, so with any luck this new gambit will have the population soaring — or, at the very least, produce a lot of tan, relaxed, and well-traveled couples across the country.

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Images: Spies Rejser/YouTube