Donald Trump May Not Realize He's Cooked. But His Allies Sure Do

Donald Trump needs a miracle to win this thing. OK, OK, you've heard that before. Since basically the day he announced his candidacy, pundits have declared the Trump presidential campaign doomed. And for the most part, they were proven wrong.

But now I'm going to explain to you why this time we really, really mean it. This time, after a year and a half of predictions, Trump is really going to lose.

There is one month and two days left between now and election day. Several states have already begun early voting. And in the rest of the country, there are just 33 days to convince millions of people to change their minds. There are two more debates left, and not only does Trump have to do better in them than he did in his disastrous performance at Hofstra University, he has to beat Clinton in such a decisive manner that it doesn't just stabilize him after his terrible week of falling polls, but completely turns the trajectory of the race the other way so that he starts gaining on Clinton and winning.

At this late stage, with this consistent of a polling lead for one candidate, no presidential candidate has ever come back since polling became commonplace, or since 1936 according to Gallup tracking.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

But the 2016 election has surprised us before, right? No candidate like Trump has ever won a major party nomination, and no woman has either. So, maybe I'm underestimating how crazy things can get.

However, unlike all the previous times that the Trump train has overtaken the speed limit, some of Trump's most ardent backers are down on him, too.

John Nolte is a former Breitbart editor who became an early supporter of Trump, convinced he was going to win for the Republicans since early in the primaries. And on Tuesday morning, Nolte let loose in a (now-deleted) tweetstorm about how disappointed he's become in Trump:

"All @RealDonaldTrump as to do in order to win is show some goddamned discipline. And he refuses to do that. Indefensible," Nolte tweeted.

Sean Hannity, who hosts the Fox News talk show that functions as Trump's base in a game of tag, got into a fight with the network's other big star, Megyn Kelly, after she called out Trump for only spending time on his show:

As John Ziegler, a conservative talk radio host wrote of the incident: "The only way for a meltdown that dramatic to be provoked so easily is that Hannity is starting to panic."

It's not just conservative media that is starting to freak out. Congressional Republicans are beginning to worry he'll drag them down with him, according to a New York Times report published this week. Because at this point, Trump has extremely little time to pull off something he has tried to do and consistently failed at for the past year — make Americans like him more than Hillary Clinton.