Pray For Florida Tributes & Tweets Show Deep Concern Over Hurricane Matthew

As Hurricane Matthew hits Florida before working its way up the East Coast, residents in the South were evacuating their homes and preparing for the damage of the Category 4 storm. Those outside of the affected areas may be watching the coverage and wanting to help in some way. Some people have used social media as a way to send their thoughts to the people facing the deadly storm. Users started a trending hashtag to show their support for Floridians on Twitter by tweeting Pray For Florida memes and tributes.

The responses to the disaster vary, from those showing their support for residents to those encouraging others to donate their time or money to relief causes. Earlier today, Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in Florida, and South Carolina was later added. Other governors have declared states of emergency in North Carolina and Georgia. Millions of residents are being ordered and urged to evacuate their homes as to avoid the destruction that's likely to ensue from such a powerful hurricane. Hurricane Matthew is set to break records as the most powerful hurricane to make landfall west of Palm Beach since 1851, so it's extremely important for those who live in the South to take precautions and get to a safety area.

Below are some of the tributes to Florida from social media.

This Is When You Know It's Bad

Users pointed out store and theme park closings that signaled the severity of the storm.

Not Cool, Man

Others noticed this anchor's somewhat harsh warning to Southerners.

It's No Joke

A few realized when it was time to get serious.

Loving The State

Some shared their favorite photos of Florida.

But Don't Forget

Many highlighted the devastation in Haiti and the Caribbean as well.

Provide Some Much-Needed Relief

Others urged people to contribute to disaster relief.

Hugs For All

One offered up a virtual hug to all those in the path of danger.

Hurricane Matthew is a serious storm that is very likely going to cause a lot of damage and devastation in the South. While thoughts and prayers for those affected are always appreciated, now is a great time to remember all of the organizations that can provide relief for residents. Whether you can give of your time or house people who are evacuating or send money to disaster charities, any little bit helps at this crucial time for the South.