Is Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 Coming Out This Month? Get Your Wallets Ready

October has been a whirlwind month for Yeezy. He's been on tour, performing at festivals, and handling a terrifying family crisis. But it seems like the show is going on for Yeezy Season 3's release, which Pete Fox, president of the Yeezy brand, confirmed via Instagram. Kanye super fans and fashion fanatics that love Yeezy's design — this is good news for you. It's perfect timing, since Yeezy Season 3 was practically made for fall.

While we don't quite know how the Kardashian Wests are doing after Kim's robbery in Paris, we do know that the family has stepped out for the first time on Thursday. After a terrifying series of events, it makes sense that the family has kept low key. Much love to the family — it's a traumatic experience that we wouldn't wish upon everybody.

While we haven't heard too much buzz about the release, Complex reports that Fox was asked on Instagram when Yeezy Season 3 would be released for sale, and he said "#season3 available this month." Pretty straight forward! No mystery around here — and we appreciate that. According to Complex, there's no official release date, but this is the first peep we've heard about the brand's season release.

We've been scratching our heads wondering when it would come out, since it's been quite a long time since Ye debuted the collection at Madison Square Garden. According to High Snobriety, details leaked on Reddit about the collection's price point. Prices will range from $175 to $1,800, according to High Snobriety. Though it's a hefty price tag, it's nowhere near as expensive as his past collections. Thank Yeezus.

If you need a refresher on what the collection looks like, we've got you covered.

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Yes to all these neutrals.

JP Yim/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Some close up details reveal some pretty cool bodysuits.

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I see you, Naomi.

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A closer look at the footwear from Yeezy Season 3.

Who's into these sweaters? I certainly am.

Minimalist heaven.

One word: cozy.

Yeezy fans, rejoice. Long have you waited, and it's finally here! Though, we're sure that once the pieces drop, they'll probably sell out like hot cakes. Faster than Kylie's lip kits, perhaps? Only time will tell. For now, we're happy with this news, and are wishing the family a speedy recovery from the traumatic experience.