Yeezy Season 3 Is Not What You Expect

She's been nesting and largely out of public view since welcoming her second child Saint West. But Kim Kardashian will likely be a fixture at New York Fashion Week, especially since her husband Kanye West is busy readying his Yeezy Season 3 collection. The rapper x designer has taken to teasing Season 3 and the Boost 1050 boots on Twitter. He shared a few shots of the new, waterproof Yeezy Boost 1050s, which follow the hard-to-get Boost 750s. But in the middle of West's stream of tweets from the Season 3 fittings, he made quite a reveal. He strongly suggested that two of the outfits, which look totally different from Yeezy Season 1 and 2, were for his wife. This lead to more questions than answers, like "Just how out there will Season 3 be?" But my main question, though? Will Kim Kardashian be walking in the Yeezy Season 3 show at NYFW?

That would be a maaaaaj return to public view for Kardashian, who has been quiet for the past few months. She posts Instagram photos here and there, but she would re-appear before her adoring public in some insanely fashion forward clothes.

West tagged a photo with "fitting" and "wifeylook," sharing a shot of a fringed, pearl-encrusted, and furry ensemble. It's a lot of look and hardly the minimalism seen in prior Yeezy seasons. But Kardashian could pull this off. I am also left wondering if this outfit was inspired by West's wife. Did he create the look with her in mind?

Or will she merely be wearing it while supporting him and sitting in the front row at the Yeezy Season 3 event, which takes place on Feb. 11 at Madison Square Garden? The fact that he noted it was a "fitting" made me think his wife may be strutting her stuff on his runway. Remember, her little sister Kylie Jenner walked in a prior Yeezy show. And of course her other other baby sister Kendall Jenner is now a supermodel. It's only right that Double K should be a model, even if temporarily. She has to keep up with The Jenners!!!

Then again, perhaps a regular ol' model will be wearing this outfit on the runway and Kardashian will wear it IRL on another?

See! There are no clear answers and anything is possible.

Here is another piece labeled "fitting" and "wife outfit." I personally cannot see Kardashian in this tattered and torn, ribbed, and cream-hued sweater, even when paired with the decorated, fringed, and pearled pieces. But you never, ever know. Kardashian wore head-to-toe Yeezy last year and I admit I did not love the drab leotard look on her. I've changed my tune, though. I want to see her in full Yeezy attire this year, based on these insanely different and ornate styles.

There are a lot of possibilities, from Kardashian walking in the Season 3 fashion show to Kardashian wearing a lot of Yeezy Season 3 during NYFW to Kardashian providing inspo for Season 3.

Whatever the case, I'm intrigued.

Images: Kanye West/Twitter (2)