Alex Is Sorry For Beating Up Deluca On 'Grey's Anatomy' & He'll Do Whatever It Takes To Come Back

At the end of Season 12 of Grey’s Anatomy, Alex beat Deluca into a bloody pulp because he thought that Deluca was coming onto Jo. Boy, did he beat him bad. Like almost blinded the guy. Now, Alex is facing the consequences, both with the law and with his job, and he’s been banished to the clinic, which, I think is a pretty leisurely punishment for dislocating someone’s eye socket. Alex has been his usual surly self about the incident, sorry but not like, that sorry. Well, Arizona is back from visiting Callie and Sofia in New York, and Alex is finally sorry for his actions on Grey’s Anatomy . Nothing like a mentor to make you feel guilt and shame.

Arizona isn’t that much older than Alex, but she certainly guilted him into submission. She’s angry as hell at him, but mostly she’s disappointed because he could have ruined not only his life but his career as well. Alex is a children’s doctor, and what kind of parents want a doctor for their kid that has a felony on his record? No one. Alex is forced to sit out while there are multiple traumas around him, and with the help of Arizona’s words, it all clicks — he wants to be here, and he wants to do what it takes to get back in the good graces of the building that was formerly Seattle Grace.


I don’t think it will be easy for Alex, but I admire that he realizes he made a mistake. That’s what adulthood is — recognizing that there are consequences for your actions. Alex almost ruined his life because of his impulsive behavior. I think a lot of the rest of his story depends on a judge’s ruling, but at least Alex is on the path back to righteousness in Arizona’s eyes.

Images: Byron Cohen/ABC; Giphy