Who Was Found In Annalise's House On 'How To Get Away With Murder'? They Still Have A Chance

The whole punch line of Season 3 of How To Get Away With Murder is that one of the Keating 5 (or Annalise’s associates) dies, and every week, another person who is still breathing walks into frame, leaving the audience with a whopper of a reveal. I get this whole premise, but How To Get Away With Murder just threw a wrench in their gimmick — there’s someone else in the Keating house (that is on fire, by the way), but he or she is alive! Who was found in Annalise’s house on How To Get Away With Murder ?

We know three people that is it not — It is not Annalise, who is being accused of murder; it is not Oliver, who tampered with a phone for Annalise; and it is not Bonnie, because Bonnie is too much of a badass bitch and a queen of the world to be killed or found in a house fire. Bonnie is running the show, Oliver is dropping a phone under an ambulance, and the first responders get a call that someone “with a pulse” is found in the house. Now, I think it’s Wes that dies, solely based on the opinion that I would like him to be killed off and also that I think Annalise would be so upset if he died, so it’s not Wes that’s alive. Based on this, who could have survived?


Who would be with Wes? Laurel, maybe? The two struck up an important friendship in Season 2 — so much so that Wes’ girlfriend thinks that he’s in love with Laurel. Spoiler alert — I bet he probably is. No one on the Keating 5 team seems that close to Wes right now, since he has a girlfriend and went a little crazy in Season 2. Oh, and he watched his dad get murdered. Yeah, that’s hard to touch. My money is on a dead Wes and an alive Laurel being pulled out of the Keating house by the end of Season 3.

Images: Mitch Haaseth/ABC; Giphy