How To Get 20 Percent Off Urban Decay Products For One Day

I don't usually need to be enticed and I don't require an incentive, like a sale, to buy makeup. But when a brand offers 20 percent off, it certainly has me pointing, clicking, and filling a cart more quickly. Urban Decay's Friends & Fanatics sale finds the edgy beauty brand offering a 20 percent discount. That's a sugary sweet deal, considering the quality of Urban Decay products and the fact that UD has plenty of new launches from which to choose. Plus, you can do some early holiday shopping, either for yourself or for your makeup addict BFFs. You'd be silly not to take advantage of this deal. So, how do you get 20 percent off Urban Decay makeup for a day?

You can enjoy the savings RIGHT NOW

Head over to the Urban Decay site and start shopping. The 20 percent off discount runs through midnight PDT on Friday, Oct. 7. So there's still plenty of time to add to your beauty stash and to pick up an Urban Decay haul. Perhaps you've been eyeing one or four of the brand's new Vice lippies. Maybe you've been wanting the vintage nail polishes that they brand just re-introduced into circulation. The brand's pro quality, gunmetal brushes might be topping your "to get" list.

Why not get 'em while the getting is 20 percent off?

There are so many Urban Decay items to stock up on.

That's the flyer on the UD site. Go ahead, Beauty Junkies! Exhaust that discount code.

Here's the screenshot of the "fine print" in the email that UD sent out alerting customers to the discount. There is a limit to how many items you purchase, so take note.

It's always time to "go commando" with Urban Decay's NAKED range. But with an additional 20 percent off incentive, it's time to strip down, right?

Happy shopping! Enjoy those savings from Urban Decay.

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