Can You Buy Ashley Tisdale's Illuminate Makeup ​At Ulta? Here's The Shopping Situation

Who doesn't love options and plenty of them? The main sales platform for Ashley Tisdale's Illuminate Cosmetics is the brand's site. Illuminate Cosmetics is also available at select Tilly's locations and via the Tilly's site. Are those the only places to shop for Illuminate Cosmetics' California-inspired palettes, lip and cheek colors, and the currently sold-out, seafoam green makeup brushes, all of which were created in conjunction with BH Cosmetics? Are there other retailers? Actually, you can purchase Illuminate products via Ulta, but with a twist.

Limited Illuminate products are sold via the Ulta site only. You actually have to do a little reconnaissance to find the Illuminate items on the beauty retailer's website. That's because the Illuminate offerings are listed under the BH banner. It's all about dem key words and knowing where to look in order to locate.

Currently, you can purchase three Illuminate items via There is the palette in two different color stories, as well as the lip gloss range, and the Cheek & Lip Tint collection. Each of those come in six colors a piece, so you do have several choices and chances to scoop up A. Tiz items at another retailer. If you prefer to do your digital shopping at one retailer, this availability makes things totally convenient for you.

12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection Palette, $14.50, Ulta

That's a "can't beat it" price for a do-it-all palette with loads of complimentary shades. Get off the fence and get it. It's so beach-inspo and won't go out of style. It's more timeless than it is trendy.

There's the screenshot of all the Illuminate products being sold via for now.

The Illuminate collection is full of shimmery neutrals. These shades will never go out of style. While Illuminate doesn't have the same celeb fanfare as Kylie Cosmetics, it is truly deserving of your attention.

Images: Illuminate Cosmetics/Instagram (1); Courtesy of Ulta