Bruno Mars' "24K Magic" Lyrics Are Exactly What You'd Expect From His Return To Music — VIDEO

If you're feeling like the universe has been just a little bit musically deprived in the past half decade, I have some delightful news. Thursday night, Bruno Mars released his first single in four years, and the "24K Magic" sounds like is could be a solid gold hit. But after playing the video for "24K Magic" ad nauseum, you may be wondering exactly what the "24K Magic" lyrics mean. Luckily, you just have to skim the surface of the verses, and the answers are all shining and laid out for you.

Mars pre-games for the festivities that are about to explode in the video with the following lines:

TonightI just want to take you higherThrow your hands up in the skyLet's set this party off right

The party in question is the Bruno Mars party. The "you" in question could have romantic connotations, of course, and the rest of the song seems to assert a certain amount of inclusiveness to this celebration:

Players, put yo' pinky rings up to the moonGirls, what y'all trying to do?24 karat magic in the air

So we're clear, both players and girls are invited to this party. Can players also be girls? Maybe that's something he'll tackle in his next single. Either way the implication is that we, the audience, fall into at least one of the two categories. But, in reference to the titular "24 karat magic," 24K is the highest grade of gold. Therefore, the magic in the air is of the highest caliber; it is quality, luxurious magic. Also, if you're getting literal and don't have garbage pinky rings, 24 karats of gold could quick possibly be in the air when you throw your hands up. Clever.


Once Mars delves into the heart of the song with the first verse, he's quick to announce his arrival with:

Pop pop, it's show time (Show time)Show time (Show time)Guess who's back again?Oh they don't know? (Go on tell 'em)

There's no profound subtext here, Mars is straight up Slim Shady-ing it. That is, he's announcing his arrival back into the Top 40 Charts after his four year hiatus. It is, as I'm sure an inevitable tour will quickly prove, literally showtime. But as seen through the almost parody-like video, and the implied 24K magic that Mars can afford, you can tell Mars is back because of how he's decked out in wealth and success:

I bet they know soon as we walk in (Showin' up)Wearing Cuban links (ya)Designer minks (ya)Inglewood's finest shoes (Whoop, whoop)

Yes, he takes great pains through this verse to assert that he is rich and fabulous. And the aesthetics surrounding him definitely reaffirm the decadence. He arrives to Vegas in a private jet, he cruises downtown in a luxury car, he has the entire squad decked out in designer jackets, there are hoards of gorgeous women in lamé bikinis, and he's holding a golden bottle of champagne. It looks like the 24K party he promised. Lord knows I can't afford it.

Bruno Mars on YouTube

And that's literally all you need to know about "24K Magic" before you get swept up in the Bruno Mars party. In laymen's terms, this is an entire song that announces Mars' return and reminds us that he's a baller. Is it effective? If you haven't already, feel free to watch the video and figure out for yourself.

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