Is 'Big Brother: Over The Top' Good?

Big Brother is the perfect summer series. While most of television takes a break between spring and fall, Big Brother is there to put out new episodes three times a week to make sure there is always something to watch. This fall, though, Big Brother: Over The Top has taken the series to the next level by putting the entire show — competitions, ceremonies, everything — on the live feeds. While this provides even more content, it's a lot for a casual fan to follow along with and pay extra for — BB:OTT is exclusive for CBS All Access subscribers. So, is Big Brother: Over The Top any good and worth a fan's time?

The answer to that question really depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for challenging, fast-paced competitions that Big Brother is known for you may be disappointed. The first HoH competition was a fairly low-energy affair that amounted to a long game of hot potato. If you love Big Brother for the strategic and sneaky gameplay and social manipulation, Over The Top still has plenty of that. If you like Big Brother for the colorful cast they assemble every season than OTT will have everything you need and so, so much more. It's clear this season was cast with the intention of featuring people who could entertain 24/7 — and, boy, do they ever. Here's some of the great feed moments that could help you decide if BB:OTT is right for you.

Justin Tells A Crazy Story

This New Orleans native is the most vibrant houseguest on Big Brother: Over The Top — which is saying something, because the competition is steep. Justin is always ready to dance, entertain, or tell a story about life in the Big Easy.

Cornbread Curses Out The Competition

Usually, when a houseguest is evicted they are polite and understanding. They give everyone goodbye hugs and wish everyone good luck on the rest of their game. Not Cornbread, though. The very first BBOTT evictee made his way out of the Big Brother door with a great big "F*** y'all" after getting evicted. The politeness of the original BB has gone out the window and the houseguests are pulling no punches.


You know Krackels? They're the Hershey-brand chocolate-with-crisped-rice treat that seem to only be sold in those large miniature bags along with Mr. Goodbar. Well, law school graduate Shelby loves them, and former BB17 houseguest Jason does not like Shelby. As such, the ongoing quest to hide Shelby's beloved chocolate treats is now Jason's primary objective in the house.

Shelby Shows 'Em How She Gets Boys

Shelby may be a law school graduate, but she's also somehow in the running for goofiest personality. The only evidence needed for this argument is her "T-Rex" dance which is how she allegedly "pulls all the [boys] at the club."

Big Brother: Over The Top has a lot of the same elements as the original series, but it is its own distinct program. If the idea of seeing how the antics of these houseguests play out as they attempt to be civil with one another appeals to you, then it's best to sign up for CBS All Access and start tuning in sooner rather than later.

Image: CBS