How To Request A TV Show Or Movie On Netflix

Folks, your Netflix and chill nights are about to get even better. We've now figured out how to make a Netflix request for a television show or movie that's not already available, and it's actually pretty straightforward. For those of us who prefer to catch up on The Walking Dead instead of going out on any day of the week, this is a total game-changer.

If I had known that being able to let Netflix know what we were missing was actually an option, I would've requested all 10 seasons of Smallville a long, long time ago. For what it's worth, it looks like this feature has been around for a while; however, it'd be understandable if you, like myself, weren't aware of its existence. Finding the title request page takes a few extra clicks, but if that means we can be even just one step closer to getting our favorite movies and television shows on our laptop screens, then it's so worth it.

As far as I know, the request process can only be completed on the web, not the Netflix mobile or tablet app. This may be slightly inconvenient since if you primarily watch Netflix on the app — but the good news is that the process is super simple, even if it does require you to boot up your web browser to do it. Once you've done that, all you need to do is go to Netflix's title request page and fill it out.

Not sure how to navigate to that page without the direct link? I've got you covered — here's how it works:

1. Go To The Home Screen

Open a new tab, log in to your Netflix account and then click on your name in the upper right hand corner on the home screen. This will open a menu that includes links to all of your profiles, your account settings, the Help Center, and logout button. Click "Help Center."

2. Visit The Help Center

Once you're in the Help Center, you'll notice four different categories of frequently asked questions. Look under "Learn About Netflix" and click on the last question: "How does Netflix get TV shows and movies to stream online?"

3. Find The Request Page Link

On the next page, you'll see a range of different questions related to the one you just clicked about how Netflix streams titles online. At the bottom of the page, there's the option to "Suggest TV shows or movies." Click it, click it!

4. Request Whatever You Like

You've made it to the title request page! Pretty simple, huh? You can submit as many as three titles at a time. If you have several titles in mind, you can always go back and refresh the same page to submit more recommendations.

5. That's It!

This is the page you'll see once you've submitted the title requests, and you don't need to do anything else. In case you're already feeling impatient, there's a friendly reminder of why it might be taking a while for a title to arrive on Netflix. Also, definitely don't submit a title more than once, because it might slow Netflix down!

There's no guarantee that your picks will definitely be added, of course — but keep your fingers crossed and you might get your wish. And of course, if you do, bring in the popcorn and enjoy!

Images: Wendy Lu/Bustle (5)