Now Rob & Chyna Are Fighting Over French Fries

If you're confused about Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's relationship, join the club, pal. In a new clip from the next episode of their own reality show, Rob & Chyna, the two of them make a fast-food run which somehow turns into Kardashian and Chyna having a fight about french fries and anger issues. Say what? I miss the simpler days of Chyna announcing her pregnancy with cute emoji. (That was in May, but it feels like just yesterday.)

In the preview from the new episode, Kardashian and Chyna are driving with their bag of fast food; Chyna's sitting in the passenger seat holding the fries when some of them fall on the floor. Kardashian gets mad and tells Chyna she needs to either choose between her food or her phone: "Your food or your phone. Either or, what's more important?" She gets mad, and I honestly don't blame her, because as she explains, those were his fries that fell on the floor. Kardashian then calls her a psycho with anger issues, which is just totally out of line. And the clip ends with me hating myself for thinking so much about Kardashian and Chyna's 1-minute french fry fight.

These two have been confusing AF since Day 1, though. Are they even still together anymore, since their relationship has been so damn tumultuous? According to rumors, the pair have been secretly broken up for months, but according to Kardashian on Thursday night, yes, they are.

The reality star posted an Instagram of Chyna on Thursday with the caption: "Love this woman, can't wait for my baby girl to come already" with an abundance of four-leaf clover and heart emoji. But this comes after just last week when Chyna tweeted out Kardashian's phone number — and yes, it was his real number — to teach him a lesson about talking to other women. And this came not long after he tweeted Kylie Jenner's phone number as revenge for, as he saw it, not inviting Chyna to a baby shower she and her sister was throwing for him. (Still with me? I barely am.) But Kardashian seemed surprisingly sanguine about his info being leaked by Chyna, appearing in the Snapchat video in which she said: "How's that feel, Rob?" and he replied with a resigned laugh and a "Good."

But in the premiere episode of Rob & Chyna, Kardashian confessed to Scott Disick that Chyna kicks him out of the house pretty regularly, and the cycle got so tiring that eventually he ended up spending more time at his house. If there's anyone to confide in about being kicked out of your house, who better to talk to than Scott Disick?

I don't know how the filming timeline works, so it's unclear when the Great French Fry Fight went down, but Kardashian's Instagram post does make it clear that he and Chyna are currently together. Really, though, we all just want to see the baby! Isn't that what this is all about?

Godspeed to Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, because, so far,t hey're the toughest Kardashians to keep up with.