Hurricane Matthew Didn't Stop These Dinosaurs

While most Florida residents prepared for Hurricane Matthew by reinforcing windows and stocking up on bottled water, the state's Tyrannosaurus Rex population opted for a day at the beach. Two people in inflatable T. rex costumes were caught during Hurricane Matthew frolicking around on a beach in Stuart, Florida, on Thursday by NBC 6 Miami.

The National Hurricane Center downgraded the storm from a Category 4 to a Category 3 hurricane. But while the weakened hurricane stayed offshore as it moved past central Florida early Friday, safety and evacuation warnings were still in place for many coastal areas, and officials warned residents to use caution and common sense. "There is no reason not to leave," Florida Gov. Rick Scott said when warning residents against such beach trips. "Do not surf. Do not go to the beach. This storm will kill you."

Yet two Florida residents decided to get a little "rex-less" in the final countdown to Hurricane Matthew, giving us a new theory to ponder when mulling over the question of what caused the dinosaurs to go extinct. In footage posted online by an NBC affiliate, two people dressed in inflatable T. rex costumes ran around on an empty beach as the wind whipped the heads of their inflatable costumes around.

This isn't the first time we've seen a T. rex's antics go viral. Inflatable T. rex costumes, specifically this Jurassic World one, became trendy in 2015 after videos of people doing everyday tasks while wearing the costumes started to appear online, largely inspired by Pickles B-Rex.

Additional social media profiles dedicated to a T. rex have since appeared. A T. rex even appeared on an episode of American Ninja Warrior, showing a surprising amount of dexterity and agility for a creature commonly made fun of for having short arms.

Despite "T. rex doing stuff" as an internet phenomenon, the Hurricane Matthew T. rex beach party recorded in Florida had some social media users sighing instead of laughing. While some found the humor in watching two wind-whipped T. rex dinosaurs run around a deserted beach, others criticized the move as stupid:

As off the wall as two T. rex frolicking on a beach ahead of a Category 3 hurricane sounds, they weren't the only ones opting to hit the beach, the bar, or a "Hurricane Party" in lieu of taking shelter. More than one person was photographed on the beach in a swimsuit despite the hurricane warning. Clearly, the treacherous storm conditions didn't stop these two people dressed in T. rex costumes from enjoying a day at the beach.