Jack Gleeson Loves This Joffrey Scene In ‘Game Of Thrones’ For A Hilarious Reason

Arguably, one of the most unique characters to have graced the Game of Thrones stage is Joffrey Lannister. Did I say unique? I meant to say that Joffrey was the worst Game of Thrones character ever. The literal worst. Who didn't cheer when he accidentally ate a huge bite of poisoned pie, dying in front of his entire court? Many of us still look back on that death fondly, especially when we remember all the awful things he said and did to our faves, like Sansa and Tyrion. But it may come as a surprise to learn that Jack Gleeson, who played Joffrey on Game of Thrones, had a blast filming his death scene.

Bustle was recently on the New York Comic Con scene, where Gleeson took part in a discussion with Vulture's Nate Jones and was able to wax poetic about his time as the terrible teen ruler on the hit HBO show. During the discussion, the subject of Joffrey's death came up. As Gleeson tells it, filming Joffrey's death scene was one of his favorite scenes to film. "I think the final scene that I kind of appear in is when I'm dead. Joffrey's corpse is like lying on a plinth on the set and I just kind of got to sleep for the whole day so that was definitely a fun experience," Gleeson told Jones.

To be fair, who wouldn't want to spend all day lying around, motionless, and getting to not only have fun with what you're doing but also get paid very, very well to do it?

While filming the state of death is fun, because, hello, you get to sleep all day, Gleeson recalls that Joffrey still got the short end of the death stick during his time on Game of Thrones. He noted that choking to death was really hard to do and speculated on other ways Joffrey could have died. For Gleeson, Joffrey dying in his sleep probably would have been easier to film.

"Maybe like Joffrey dying in his sleep because that would be really easy for me I wouldn't have to worry about trying to make it convincing. I could just literally fall asleep and they could [have] just film[ed] me and maybe have a [subtitle] 'He dies.'"

Sure, that would have been a lot easier to film but would it have been as fun? Think again, Gleeson. Think again. Game of Thrones fans love a gory death scene, and, on that note, you delivered.

Additional Reporting By Martha Sorren

Image: HBO