Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Prove That They Are Still The Best Friends Ever

All the feels! If you needed more proof that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are the most adorable celebrity best friends to grace our lovely planet, and are just generally the cutest old men of Hollywood, here you go: As an attempt to promote the Broadway production they are working on together, Waiting For Godot (which only has 11 shows left) the two pals brought their love for one another to Twitter. And thank God, because I’ve never felt so excited about something in my life.

The actors, who first met on the set of X-Men as Professor Charles Xavier and Eric Lensherr a.k.a., Magneto, posted photos of themselves in matching bowler hats, winning over our hearts for all eternity. The first photo features the pair pretending to talk to one another in neighboring telephone booths or as Stewart likes to say, “phoneboxes.” SO MUCH CUTE. The second image is of them on what appears to be an amusement park ride, with McKellen holding his dear buddy for emotional support. These photos have taken part among a few others over the past few days and though we know it’s semi-shameless advertising partly for the show, no one cares because two old men have never pulled on our heartstrings quite like this.

Though the two have actually not done much work together (and we don’t understand why this is), Stewart told Huff Post Entertainment about how their friendship first blossomed.

“Ian loves talking about it,” Stewart told The Huffington Post. “I started our relationship as a fan… Then we came into the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) together. We didn’t know one another well but we were both pursuing the same sort of career, but Bryan singer cast us in the first X-Men movie and we had adjoining luxury trailers. Of course, it was movie making so we spent more time sitting in our trailers than on the set. We got to know one another and that’s when the bond began, which was cemented by 22 weeks of touring in England and being in the West End doing ‘Waiting for Godot.’ And sharing a dressing room for 22 weeks!”

Ugh, so cute. Listen up, Twitterverse, and those of you celebrities who are on Instagram (which is pretty much everyone): These are the pictures we want to see. As much as I love all your selfies and “my life is better than yours” images, I think most would agree that all we want to see is something more genuine like the obvious bond that Stewart and McKellen have.

The pair doesn’t have to post pictures with each other every single time they’re together, but when those pictures do go up, we tend to appreciate them more. Take Taylor Swift for example: I mean really, do any photos exist on her Instagram that don’t include her and her many famous best friends?

Whether it’s Sarah Hyland, Lorde, Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez or Ed Sheeran, Swift seems to just collect BFFs and feels the need to always show us who she’s with, because if it doesn’t go on social media then it obviously didn’t happen. For a while we were all in awe, mostly because we were just asking ourselves “how can I get that many famous people to love me so much?” But, now? It’s just tired. And if I had to choose, I would pick two old men in bowler hats every and any day of the year.