20 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For 2016

The days leading up to Halloween can be pretty crazy. It is not unlikely to suddenly realize that you don’t have an outfit, resulting in an intense brainstorm session for a last-minute easy Halloween costume idea. And since store-bought ensembles can cost a pretty penny, it is never a bad idea to try and curate an outfit yourself. It also helps to use ordinary items that can be used again instead of collecting dust in the depths of your closet.

Like most creative outfits, the best Halloween costumes focus on the clever combinations of clothing, accessories, and shoes. It isn’t about how much each item costs or what brand it is. What matters is that each piece is used in a way that contributes to the look you’re going for.

That is where this list comes in. Each quick and easy Halloween outfit showcases examples of items necessary for creating a costume. Obviously, you do not have to find the exact garment or accessory displayed. Instead, focus on finding pieces that are similar in style, shape, or color. Shop your own closet before heading to the thrift store or mall. Don’t hesitate to ask friends and family if they have items you can borrow, too.

Happy Halloween!

1. Pantone paint chip

Artists, crafters, and lovers of color theory will adore this Pantone paint chip costume. The best part is that you only need one (yes, one) garment.

Pink Shift Dress, $20, Forever 21

This idea calls for an item in a solid color. A perfect example is this simple pink shift dress. You'll also need to print out the Pantone logo on a sheet of white paper. Don't forget to include the name of a specific color, too. Tape the papers to your clothing, and you're good to go.

2. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has managed to create an iconic look that is all her own. It also happens to double as easy inspiration for a Halloween costume.

Off-shoulder Top, $34, Chicwish; Skater Skirt, $9, Amazon ; Cat Ear Headband, $9, Amazon

To channel your inner popstar, wear a fitted off-shoulder top, a skater skirt, and a cat ear headband. Finally, tie your hair into a sky-high ponytail.

3. Pirate

The standard pirate getup is one of those costumes that never gets old. It's especially fitting for anyone who loves history, fantasy, or a combination of the two.

Striped Shirt, $16, Target; Bandana, $3, Amazo n; Eye Patch, $5, Amazon

To throw together a pirate costume, wear a striped shirt. Top it off by tying a bandana around your head and wearing an eye patch. You can also make an eye patch with a strip of elastic and black felt.

4. Hershey's Kiss

Half of the Halloween fun is about the candy. This year, use the classic Hershey's Kiss as inspiration to sweeten up the celebration.

Silver Metallic Dress, $35, Sophie & Trey; Gray Beanie, $4, Forever 21

Start with a silver metallic dress and a gray beanie. Print out the word "Hershey's" in blue text on white paper. Cut out and glue to the top of your beanie.

5. Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo's legendary style might be one of the most fun looks to replicate. And if you love bright colors, there's a good chance that you already own all of the items necessary.

Vibrant Floral Dress, $26, Amazon; Scarf, $10 Amazon ; Floral Crown, $7, Amazon

Wear a vibrant floral dress and wrap yourself in a bright shawl or scarf. Accessorize with a floral crown or headband. Don't forget to fill in your eyebrows to replicate Frida's most recognizable characteristics.

6. Sandy

Sandy of Grease is another legendary lady with a rockin' retro look. All you need are some basic items and your best "cool girl" vibe.

Off-shoulder Top, $34, Chicwish; Black Pants, $40, Uniqlo; Major Stilettos, $21, Amazon

To capture Sandy's iconic look, all you need is a black off-shoulder top, tight-fitting black pants , and some major stilettos. Remember, to pull off this look, attitude is key.

7. Tina Belcher

Embrace your awkwardness by transforming into the one and only Tina Belcher. The items for this costume can be used well beyond Halloween, too.

Blue T-shirt, $7, Amazon ; Royal Blue Skirt, $8, Amazon ; Black Sneakers, $50, Zappos ; Knee-high Striped Socks, $3, Amazon ; Yellow Clip, $4, Amazon ; Pair of Glasses, $7, Amazon

Wear a light blue t-shirt, a royal blue skirt, black sneakers, and knee-high striped socks. Add a yellow clip to your hair, and wear a pair of glasses. The thicker the frames, the better.

8. Mary Poppins

As one of the most magical Disney characters ever, Mary Poppins is something special. It goes without saying that she is definitely the coolest nanny out there.

White Button Down Shirt, $20, Macy's; Red Bow Tie, $7, Amazon ; Black Skirt, $15, Amazon; Fedora, $15, Amazon

To dress up as everyone's favorite supernanny, wear a white button down shirt and a red bow tie. Complete the ensemble with a black skirt and a fedora. If you're up for it, carry around an umbrella for the night.

9. Beyoncé

Nothing says "fierce" like a Queen Bey costume. Luckily, this particular video-inspired getup is also as comfy as it gets.

Fur Jacket, $80, H&M; Chicago Bulls Jersey, $20, Amazon;

Unleashing your inner hip-hop diva is surprisingly simple. Layer a Chicago Bulls jersey underneath a fur vest or jacket. Done and done.

10. Courtney Love

One of the best things about dressing up as Courtney Love in the '90s is that our culture has become one big throwback. These days, you can easily find grunge-inspired clothing in a single trip to the mall.

Summer Floral Dress, $20, Charlotte Russe; Basic Black Choker, $3, Romwe; Black Combat Boots $10, Charlotte Russe

Take your favorite summer floral dress and wear it with a basic black choker. Complete the outfit with black combat boots and nude lipstick.

11. Ballerina

If you love to wear whimsical outfits, you'll adore a sweet and simple ballerina costume. Plus, it gives you an excuse to twirl around all day and night.

White Tank Top, $15, Amazon; Pink Tulle Skirt, $49, Chicwish; Ballet Flats, $25, Amazon

Pair a beige, tan, or white tank top with a light pink tulle skirt. Finish it off with a pair of comfy ballet flats. If you'd like, wear pantyhose to keep you warm on Halloween night.

12. Princess Peach

In the same vein as a ballerina, a Princess Peach costume offers another chance to waltz around in a pretty getup.

Pink Maxi Dress, $50, Chicwish; Gold Plastic Crown, $8, Amazon ; Earrings Studs, $4, Forever 21

The highlight of this outfit is a pink maxi dress. Necessary accessories include a gold plastic crown and sparkling gem earrings studs.

13. Princess

Of course, you don't have to be a specific princess in order to channel your inner royalty. Things like bridesmaid and prom dresses can be re-purposed for a general princess costume.

Formal Dress, $26, Amazon ; Glistening Tiara, $11, Amazon

Pair a formal dress with a glistening tiara. So easy.

14. Taco Belle

Pun-loving foodies will be all over this brilliant (and cheap) idea. You can't go wrong with taco-themed anything, after all.

Yellow Maxi Dress, $20, BooHoo

Wear a light yellow maxi dress and hold on to a Taco Bell box for the entire night. Better yet, buy some Taco Bell for your Halloween dinner. Who says candy gets to have all the fun?

15. Beanie Baby

For another throwback costume, transform any animal hoodie or onesie into a Beanie Baby outfit. I know my fellow '90s kids are squealing on the inside right now.

Onesie, $25, Amazon

To transform yourself into a Beanie Baby, wear an animal costume or onesie. A hoodie or beanie with ears works, too. Next, print out the "ty" logo. Tape a long strand of cord to the logo and wear it around your neck.

16. Sporty Spice

While we're on the topic of '90s throwbacks, let's talk about Sporty Spice from the Spice Girls. Her usual ensemble is perfect for last-minute inspiration that is comfy yet awesome.

Sports Bra, $6, Amazon ; Sweatpants, $20, Ameri Mark; Sneakers, $85, New Balance

Wear a sports bra, striped sweatpants, and sneakers. Tie your hair in a high ponytail and break out your best dance moves.

17. Posh Spice

If slinky dresses are more your style, don't hesitate to take on Posh Spice. It will give you a reason to show off your sassiest attitude as well.

Black Bodycon Dress, $20, Charlotte Russe; Short Black Wig, $25, Amazon ; Platform Pumps, $23, Amazon

For this look, you will need a black bodycon dress. If you'd like, style it with a short black wig. Finish the outfit with a pair of fierce black platform pumps.

18. Gwen Stefani

But wait... there's more. Like the Courtney Love costume, a Gwen Stefani look is extremely easy to replicate. It's yet another '90s-inspired idea that will make your grungey heart swoon.

Crop Top, $7, Charlotte Russe; Plaid Jeans, $68, Tripp NYC; Studded Leather Belt, $7, Boohoo; Wallet Chain, $6, Amazon

Start with a fitted crop top or sleeveless shirt. Wear a pair of plaid jeans and a studded leather belt. Wrap up the ensemble with a wallet chain.

19. Party animal

Take that animal hoodie or onesie for yet another spin with this "party animal" idea. Again, if you already own an animal costume, you'll spend next to nothing for this costume.

Fawn Costume, $50, Amazon; Party Paper Party Hat, $4, Amazon

This option requires an animal outfit like this fawn costume. Accessorize with a party paper party hat and you're all done.

20. Starbucks Frappuccino

If you're a coffee lover like myself, you will appreciate this simple concept. t's a great way to make use of basic clothing while honoring the best drink out there.

Brown Dress, $39, ASOS; Beige Scarf, $10, Amazon

Wear a plain brown dress with a cozy white or beige scarf. Print out the Starbucks logo and tape it to your dress. How's that for cute and comfy?

Images: Giphy; Polyvore (23)