Here's How to Watch 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 1 Finale Online & On Demand

We love Brooklyn Nine-Nine as much as Terry loves yogurt, as much as Gina loves her dance troupe Floorgasm, as much as Charles loves Rosa, as much as Amy loves seeking approval from everyone, and as much as Captain Holt loves playing Cwazy Cupcakes, which is to say we love it a whole lot. So we're pretty bummed that Fox is airing the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 finale after an incredible, Golden Globe-winning inaugural season. (After all, this is a series that, just after a few episodes, showed the world that Andy Samberg could really act. Who knew he could be so charming?)

If you can't watch the Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 1 finale live at 9 PM on Tuesday, March 25 on Fox (or you're just delaying the inevitably unbearable wait for Season 2... or you're still playing catching up with all of Season 1), you'll still be able to catch the shenanigans of Detective Jake Peralta and Co. at your leisure. Here are the best ways to watch the Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale, "Charges and Specs." Just don't go and try to watch it illegally or else Brooklyn's finest (or Scully and Hitchcock, should no one else be available) might come after you.

The Go-to: Hulu

If you're a Hulu Plus subscriber, then you're in luck because the Brooklyn Nine-Nine finale will be available to you within 24 hours of its original airtime. Regular Hulu watchers, on the other hand, must wait up to eight days (such is the case with all Fox programming on Hulu) to watch it.

When Hulu Fails, Try On Demand

Depending on your cable provider, Brooklyn Nine-Nine should be available to watch On Demand within 24 hours of airing. (For instance, Xfinity On Demand offers the latest episode, as well as the past five episodes, the day after.)

Get it straight from the source at

If you want to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine by Wednesday, you can just use your cable provider's username and password on Fox's site to gain access. Otherwise, you'll be able to watch the episode (along with the entire first season) on their site later.

Ante Up: Buy it on iTunes

If you need just "Charges and Specs" you can download it the next day for $2.99, but you can get the entire awesome first season for $19.99.

For the rebels among us, try Amazon Instant

Just like iTunes, you can either buy an individual episode (here it's between $1.99 - $2.99) or get a Season 1 pass (episodes between $1.49 - $2.24) as soon as they become available.

Image: Fox