These Blanket Scarves Are Fall's Best Accessory

Cold weather and I — we don't get along, to put it nicely. So when the fall and winter seasons come along, only one thing can save me: the blanket scarf. Equal parts comfy and chic, the blanket scarf is possibly my favorite thing about the season changing. Aside for, of course, all the apple-stuffed desserts and cozy socks.

When the last days of summer come to a close and the temperature drops, it's pretty much a sign for me to start my hibernation. Unfortunately, I've got a job to attend to and a life to live, so I can't exactly stay cozied up at home until spring and summer roll on by. The closest I can get to laying in bed all day is throwing on a blanket scarf, which basically feels like I'm wearing a fuzzy blanket in every situation.

When you live in a metropolitan area, there are some wardrobe staples you need to survive the winter (if you're in a city that goes through seasons, of course). These include a super warm parka, trusty snow boots, rain boots, fleece-lined gloves, a cozy hat, HEATTECH, and of course, said scarf. With these few things, you can pretty much take any snow day mother nature brings you. In this city, comfort often overrides fashion. But with the blanket scarf, it doesn't have to. Oversized is all the rage lately, thanks to Lenny Kravitz's huge scarf.

Cozy lovers, beware: lots of comfort ahead.

1. The Checker

Soft Check Scarf, $35.90,

Yes, this is indeed a scarf blanket.

2. The Ribbed

Pieces Ribbed Oversized Blanket Scarf, $14,

And it pairs with everything, too.

3. The Blue

Westminster Blanket Scarf - Blue, $28,

Brb, sleeping on this.

4. The Block Stripe

Blocked-Stripe Blanket Wrap, $99,

Love how this looks with a cozy turtleneck, too.

5. The Reversible

Striped Reversible Blanket Scarf, $32.95,

Hair tucked in is also a chic new trend to try.

6. The Cheetah Print

Leopard Blanket Scarf, $39,

If you're feeling a little wild.

7. Autumnal Colors

Plaid Blanket Scarf, $29.95,

I see the pumpkin spice.

8. The Mixed Plaid

Mixed Plaid Scarf, $39,

Refuse to settle for just one look? This one's got all sorts of colors.

9. Greenery

Westminster Blanket Scarf - Green, $28,

I'm falling asleep in comfort just looking at this.

10. Tassel Detail

BL^NK Tassel Detail Oversized Blanket Scarf, $30.50,

Drama drama drama.

11. The Cape Scarf

Cape Scarf In Windowpane, $79.50,

This is technically a cape scarf, but pretty much acts like a blanket one, too.

12. The Bright Colors

Glacier Blanket Scarf, $102.60,

Minimal, yet colorful.

13. Barnyard Vibes

Frayed Blanket Scarf, $34.50,

Yes, wrap me up please.

14. Classic Black

Pieces Ribbed Oversized Blanket Scarf, $19.50,

Minimalist chic.

15. The Simple Stripe

Central Park Cinema Scarf in Blueberry, $29.99,

This one even looks like summer.

16. The Mustard Yellow

KENZO The Cozy Scarf, $220,

Bright, bold, and beautiful.

17. The Chocolate Brown

Handwoven Pashmina & Blanket Scarf In Spice Twill Mix Weave, $60,

This is what I call comfort all day long.

If you're easily affected by the cold, trust me on this one. This is the one accessory that'll change up your style game and your warmth game.