Meet Michelle From 'New Girl' — AKA Alexandra Daddario — Because, Well, She's Everywhere

What do Lizzy Caplan, Taye Diggs, Taylor Swift, Ryan Kwanten, and Alexandra Daddario all have in common? Well, besides being super-attractive and crazy talented. (C'mon, that's a given.) They've all been guest stars on Fox's New Girl. While the others on that have already earned their New Girl guest star stripes, Daddario made her New Girl debut during the March 25 episode "Mars Landing." Daddario (along with fellow newcomer Stevie Nelson) plays Michelle, a single hottie who moves into the loft building and instantly earns the attention, and wannabe affections, of Coach, Schmidt, and Winston.

Of course, getting attention on TV this year is nothing new for Daddario. The 28-year-old actress' small screen credits have included everything from Parenthood (where she was the Luncheonette assistant who made a pass at Adam Braverman) to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to White Collar to All My Children, but she made the Internet more or less explode when she appeared on the first season of True Detective. Daddario — if you'll recall — played Lisa, the young woman who Woody Harrelson's Marty had his first, and ultimately disastrous, affair with.

Michael Buckner/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

So what caused such an Internet explosion for a series in which that sort of thing tends to happen? During the second episode of the acclaimed HBO series, Daddario went topless during a memorable sex scene with Harrelson. Because the Internet is no way surprising, if you Google Image search True Detective, those stills are at the top of the heap. But Daddario had a good sense of humor about the hubbub and even pointed out on Twitter that President Barack Obama, who requested advanced copies of True Detective, "has seen my boobs."

But if Daddario, with her piercing blue eyes and even more piercing screen presence, caught your attention long before True Detective, there's a good chance you've seen her on the big screen. The New York City native, who made her big screen debut in the 2005 indie The Squid and the Whale, has also appeared in Hall Pass, Texas Chainsaw 3D, and the Percy Jackson saga adaptations. Daddario played Annabel in both Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and the follow-up Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. The Internet also speculated about her off-screen relationship (as the Internet tends to do) with her Percy Jackson co-star Logan Lerman.

While her romantic future with Schmidt, Coach, or Wintson on New Girl is uncertain (it's hard to imagine any of these doofuses being able to woo a character like Michelle, but the loft sure could use some cool neighbors so hopefully she and Nelson will stick around), you'll undoubtedly be seeing more of Daddario. The in-demand actress will next be seen on the big screen in this year's zombie comedy Burying the Ex.

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