Rob & Chyna Just Can't Stop Fighting

There may not have been that many episodes of Rob & Chyna so far, but I think it's safe to say that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have a pretty volatile relationship. Watching this season has convinced me that they really do love each other... but they can also fight with the best of them. And even though the episode started with some seriously adorable family photos, by the end, they were back at each other's throats. On Sunday night's episode, Rob and Chyna got into a massive fight, and it was the one that ended with Rob deleting all traces of her off of his social media.

It started with a little bickering while they were driving — basically nothing any other couple hasn't dealt with. The problem here? With them, it quickly turns into yelling and name calling, with Rob calling Chyna "psycho" and "crazy" on several occasions because she didn't want to hold his french fries while he drove. I totally get it, because fries are serious business, but was it really that serious? At one point, Chyna even wanted Rob to pull the car over and let her out. And what's worse is how quickly it evolves into bigger fights... like this one, which actually ended up making both of them question whether or not they wanted a future together.

Chyna's concern? She doesn't think that Rob is going to keep his life together and keep the promises he's made to her about working on himself, even though her friends tell her that she should stick by him. But just as soon as she had that conversation, she found out Rob deleted all their photos together on Instagram — that incident from a few months back that had me (and basically everyone else) convinced they were done for good.

They went days without talking, and ultimately, Rob ended up at his mom's house and admitted that the real reason he blocked his entire family from his phone was that he just needed a break from the world while he was in Vegas. Understandable, but it's also understandable that his family would be worried about him when he drops off the grid. Now that he's had his break, he might be ready to make things work with Chyna... or maybe not. I'm rooting for these two, though. They're such an interesting couple that they just might work.