Rob's Officially Diabetes Free On 'Rob & Chyna'

After years of skipping out on family vacations and filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, I've been thrilled that Rob Kardashian has decided to rejoin the world of reality TV to share his relationship with Blac Chyna with the world. Don't get me wrong — I absolutely love his sisters, but I've been dying to find out what the only guy in the family has been up to after all this time. On this week's episode of Rob & Chyna, Rob found out that his diabetes is gone, even though he wasn't convinced he'd been making much progress.

Rob's nutritionist came to see him at Kris' house to check his sugar levels and was happy to report that he'd managed to cut them in half since the last time he had a check up — a time when his doctor told him his problem was so severe he needed to go to the hospital. Even though Rob has seemed really insecure about his weight and his health so far this season, it's obvious that the positive changes he's making are paying off, and that's a huge deal. Obviously, he was super excited. The only problem? Chyna didn't exactly match his enthusiasm.

When Rob shared the good news with her while they made dinner together, she didn't seem too jazzed about it, even though it's obviously a big deal. Avoiding a major health issue? Way to go, Rob! He still has a long way to go, but this is a sure sign that he's getting somewhere. It's easy to understand that he'd be bummed by it! Add this to the fact that they'd been fighting all episode, and it's not a pretty scene.

Later, Chyna went to MJ's birthday party without him, only to find out that he'd blocked his entire family on social media. He might be making strides with his health, but he's definitely struggling in the relationship department. Fingers crossed they manage to sort this out before the baby arrives, because things are about to get a lot more complicated.