Donald Trump Asks "How Stupid Is Our Country?"

Just when you thought that Donald Trump's rhetoric couldn't get any more upsetting, the Republican candidate entered the second presidential debate on Sunday night and sank to some new lows. During the course of the debate, Trump defended his comments about sexual assault, discussed the possibility of prosecuting Hillary Clinton, and revealed that he and running mate Mike Pence disagree on a major political issue. Yet one of the most ridiculous parts of Trump's turn in the debate came when he actually uttered the phrase, "how stupid is our country?" out loud. Yes, really.

About three-quarters through the debate, the matter of Syria was brought up, and Trump, discussing strategy, actually said the above phrase in regard to what he feels is a lack of surprise attacks and effective strategy used against outside threats. It's incredible to hear that a presidential candidate would ever dismiss the citizens of the country he is hoping to run by calling them stupid, let alone during the heat of a presidential debate, in which millions of potential voters are tuning in. It's a phrase that won't be forgotten after the debate ends, and already, viewers at home are having a field day with the comment, turning it around on Trump to refer to his presidential campaign.

Unfortunately, it's not shocking to hear Trump dismiss American citizens in this manner, as he's previously shown little respect for the people of the country he's planning on representing in office. Yet still, to hear him actually use the word "stupid" when referring to the entire nation is upsetting, and his statement will likely continue to pick up steam long after the debate ends.

Trump's campaign rhetoric sharply differs from the typical narrative, in which candidates praise America's people, its freedom, its ingenuity, its strength. They aim to galvanize voters why exciting them with the greatness of the country, not belittling it and its people. Will it work, and convince people that America does need to be made great again? Or will it piss off patriots who think America isn't stupid at all? We will find out soon enough.