Get To Know Ryan Lochte's Fiancee

There was a point in time when I would have been seriously bummed about this: Ryan Lochte is engaged to Kayla Rae Reid, the Olympic swimmer (and Dancing With the Stars contestant) announced in an Instagram post on Sunday night. Not that I have anything against Reid, just that the main reason I watch men's swimming at the summer Olympics has less to do with the actual sport and more to do with Lochte's physique. (I mean — she probably gets it, considering the fact that she once told the Daily Mail that the Olympian is "kind, humble and, of course, unbelievably good looking.") But I digress: It's high time we find out more about Reid, who will forever be intertwined with Lochte.

To start, while their relationship timeline may seem a little confusing (Lochte told Cosmo in July that he was actively on Tinder), Reid and Lochte have actually been together since March (and went public with their relationship in May) — and she even came to Rio with him for the Olympics, cheering him on and posting the evidence all over social media. This is all to say that they got engaged roughly after nine months of dating (considering Lochte's Cosmo comments, maybe they took a break in there). So now that we have that all figured out, let's get to the more important things.

She & Lochte (Probably) Met On Tinder

"He was on Tinder. I might be on Tinder," Reid told the Daily Mail over the summer when asked how she and the swimmer first met. "That's all I'm going to say about it."

Yes, She Is A Former Playboy Model

Anything I link off to here would be NSFW, so just trust literally every headline ever on this one.

She's All About Bucking Convention & Doing Her Own Thing

"If you end up with a boring miserable life because you listened to your mom, your dad, your teacher, your priest, or some guy on television telling you how to do your sh*t, then you deserve it," Reid captioned an Instagram post. "Always do you. Your own fulfillment and happiness in life is most important."

She's 25 — So 7 Years Younger Than Lochte

Not that this matters; I'm always just shocked when these ~celebrities~ are younger than me.

She's Originally From Virginia

A southern girl at heart, Reid was raised in California, according to Us Weekly.

She's Super Supportive Of Lochte

Always a good quality to have in a romantic partner, TBH.

And Her Dog May Actually Be Cuter Than Her Fiancé


Congratulations to the happy couple!