"Quote This & Impersonate Me In A Tweet" Explained

People of the Twitter world must be getting antsy, because a new trend has them asking other users to make fun of them. No, really. You've possibly run across it already, which means you may be wondering exactly what the deal with this whole "Quote this and impersonate me in a tweet" thing is — so, allow me to explain. Users are posting an image quite literally telling other users to quote the tweet — or retweet it, basically — along with their best impersonation of that person. A word of caution, though: Participation in this meme isn't for the fainthearted. And as we all know, impersonations are rarely friendly; no one, for example, is going to impersonate me and say, "My name is Megan, and I treat every day like a gift!" They'll sooner talk about my unhealthy obsession with work or how I light too many candles in a room at one time.

We must be gluttons for punishment, because I honestly can't think of any other reason to post this. We're all curious what other people think of us... but I don't really need to know that badly. Like, seriously. Don't tell me. I don't care. And for your information, I light so many candles because I can't decide which scent is the best.

The origin of the meme is uncleat, but it seems to have exploded in the past day or so. And for what it's worth, I give credit to the people participating in it; they must have a healthy amount of self-esteem and a wonderful sense of humor.


FYI, it's always an appropriate time to impersonate Borat.

Aw. Precious.

Ugh. Stahp. My heart hurts.


On the other end of the trend is this gal, who beat you to the punch.

I'm sorry to hear about your butt, Sasha. That's unfortunate.

And then there was Daniel. Don't even try to touch Daniel. You've got nothing on him.

Kudos to all you brave souls out there. If you're feeling gutsy today, post the meme on your Twitter page and see what happens. I'll continue to live in my own little world, where no one would ever dream of trying to impersonate me. *thumbs up*

Image: quinntheislander/Pixabay