Debate Attendance Is Limited To A Select Few

The third presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is scheduled for Oct. 19. With the first debate scoring the highest ratings of any presidential debate in history, and the second debate taking the title of the "Nastiest Debate in History," you might be wondering if there's any way you can attend the final presidential debate.

Unfortunately, the truth is that most of us are out of luck. Tickets for these debates are extremely limited, and with it taking place so soon, there's not much time to miraculously get dibs on a seat. On the bright side, watching the debate at home is probably much more fun than sitting in the actual audience. There won’t be any rules dictating you and your friends to hold your commentary, clapping, cheering, or groaning until the very end. And you can have snacks.

Of course, there are also benefits to seeing this event in person. One of the candidates — and I won’t name names, but you can probably guess who — will likely make a gaffe to go down in the history books. And if Clinton ends up winning on Nov. 8, this will be the final debate involving the first female president of the United States.

So if you’re interested in seeing if you’re one of the very few people who has a chance of attending, read on.

1. UNLV Students


If you're a full-time undergraduate student with at least a 2.0 GPA, or a full-time graduate student with a minimum 3.0 GPA, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, you might be able to attend. According to the school's website, availability is expected to be very limited, and the deadline to enter was Oct. 12.

2. Extremely Lucky Members Of The Public


Very few tickets are usually available to the public, and in the case of this election's final debate, it's not clear if there are any available at all, especially now. But you can try and get some information by contacting the Commission on Presidential Debates.

3. The Media


If you missed the deadline to apply for your media credential, you're facing a very slim likelihood of being able to attend next week's debate, but if you still want to see if there's any possibility you can make your way in there, you should send an email to the CPD at

4. Winners Of Campaign Contests

The Clinton campaign held a contest for a few lucky supporters to make it over to Vegas. While the contest's webpage still allows interested people to add their names and give donations, scroll to the bottom, and you'll see that the deadline was Oct. 13.

If you're part of Clinton's or Trump's entourage or somehow related to them, a text message their way could help you help out out. Yes, these suggestions are not very encouraging, but hey, maybe they'll help you prepare for snagging a seat at a 2020 debate.