Emily Thorne Revealed Her Pregnancy Scandal On 'Revenge' But We Have No Idea Where She's Going With This One

Usually we know all about Emily Thorne's plans on Revenge but on Sunday night, she threw us for a loop. After last week's episode that featured water-boarding as a type of psychiatric treatment — on Sunday night, Emily dropped a huge bombshell on herself. And no one saw that one coming. Has Emily gone rogue?

At the Hamptons' fabulous night at the Opera, Emily released her medical records that detailed her fake pregnancy to the press and all of the shit hit the fan. After spending so much time twisting Daniel's arm to keep him from getting a divorce, Emily finally decided to close that chapter. But what she doesn't know, is that the Graysons are onto her — which seems strange, because Emily always knows what her enemies are going for.

We knew Emily was off her game on last week's episode, when she kept blacking out and attacking her friends. But Aiden's water-boarding miraculously saved her from doing anymore damage to herself (I say miraculously because that was an extreme course of action and it solved the problem way too quickly). We also understood her forcing Daniel to stay married as a form of punishment — he did shoot her and prevent her from having children — because honestly, he deserved it. So where did this come from?

Emily told Nolan that the Grayson's needed to "feel like they'd won something" for her to keep her plan in motion. We get that, too, but it's still confusing that this is the way she chose to do it. Daniel had photos of her kissing Aiden, so she could've just given him a divorce based on that — even if they didn't fit the legal terms of adultery. And the Graysons still would've felt like they won — especially Daniel, who's just gotten more and more obnoxious and painful to watch since their wedding. She didn't have to do drop a huge bomb like this.

But she did anyway and obviously, we're confused. Emily never does anything without a reason and without knowing where all of her chips are and will land when it's done. And, this time, it seems like she's not all there and didn't pay close enough attention — unless her new form of security from herself is to keep everyone in the dark, including herself, about things. Would she be letting the Graysons win if she knew they had a hunch that she's been "targeting" their family all of this time and that marrying Daniel was a part of her master scheme? Probably not — we know she wants to "kill them all" and that sounds great, if not a little ambitious and dramatic. But even then, this just doesn't fit.

Revealing a fake pregnancy scandal this late in the game doesn't seem like it's doing much except riling up the press and giving Daniel divorce ammunition. So why did she do it? And again, it just seemed unplanned and like she went out on a whim with this — not even Nolan knew whether or not she actually released the records. And Nolan always knows. Is Emily getting careless — if Sunday night's episode revealed anything, it's that something's changed in her perception of the game and it might not be so easy to figure her out anymore.

Image: ABC