‘Real World Seattle: Bad Blood’ Cast Roundup

After 32 seasons of MTV’s Real World, that’s right 32 seasons, it’s hard to believe that there could be any twists left. Could cast members get any wilder? Are there new cities and sites to be explored? While Real World is returning to Seattle, there is a catch when in it comes to the cast. This season, there’s Bad Blood. So, who is in Real World Seattle’s cast?

This season on Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, seven strangers are moving into a loft in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. But, they’re not alone. According to MTV, the Real World Seattle roommates expected to have the luxury loft to themselves ­— but exes and enemies from their real lives are crashing their pad. So, in addition to the standard seven roommates partying in Seattle, there will be seven other strangers secretly meeting in Portland, and each of them happen to have experience with a Seattle cast member. The Portland group hosts estranged family members, frenemies, and exes of the Seattle cast. And, of course, the two groups collide after an RV ride to Seattle.

So, who are these 14 cast members who will have to learn to get over their pasts or come to blows (let’s be real, it’s more likely the latter)? Here’s a cast roundup of MTV’s Real World Seattle: Bad Blood.

Anika & Will

Anika and Will dated for three years and Anika does not love the fact that Will still hangs out with her family, according to their Real World Seattle: Bad Blood cast page. The situation is made complicated by the fact that Will has a child with the girlfriend he had after his split with Anika, though Will is currently single.

Jordan & Orlana

Jordan and Orlana's page explains that they used to be best friends until they had a major falling out. Orlana is also allegedly "known to be super-jealous" when it comes to guys — but I'm sure that won't affect her behavior on reality TV...

Katrina & Anna

These sisters apparently go long bouts without speaking due to what MTV described as "Anna’s mood swings and Katrina’s selfish tendencies." Harsh.

Mike & Peter

These guys have a best friends-turned-roommates horror story, according to their bio, that involves Peter's girlfriend moving in without permission and Mike allegedly owing Peter $2000.

Robbie & Jennifer

Robbie and Jennifer dated for eight months, during which their fighting was often public. Jen told MTV the last time she heard from Robbie was when he allegedly sent her a video of all of the things she ever gave him burning. I'm sorry, but why are we getting these two together again?

Theo & Kassius

According to MTV, Theo & Kassius are cousins who used to be "thick as thieves" until a dorm room bust changed their lives. Their bio goes further into detail about the intense matter.

Tyara & Kimberly

Tyara told MTV that Kim has never liked her. Apparently, the girls went to high school together and had battling social media identities. Intriguing...

This may be more drama than one reality TV show can handle. See for yourself Wednesday, Oct. 12, on MTV.

Image: MTV