Couple Creates Potato-Themed Horror Film Trailer

The season of sipping pumpkin cider, crunching leaves underfoot, and watching horror movies is upon us. But although most scary cinematic creations involve ghosts, vampires, serial killers, witches, or demons, one couple has teamed up to create a potato-themed horror parody trailer that will make you wish the full-length film existed.

The teaser for Peeled: The Potato Resurrection has gone viral since its release online last week. You might not understand how the spud could possibly be spooky, but Katrina Naficy and her boyfriend, Nick Massey, will definitely have you wanting to believe in less than two minutes time. After all, if leprechauns and chickens can be made to incite fear (or at least, a chuckle or two), why can't Idaho's greatest export?

The trick to great horror is setting, timing, and the suspension of disbelief, which this spud spoof has in spades. The lighting is ghoulish, the screams true-to-life, and the tubers are truly terrifying. According to The Daily Dot, it took 300 potatoes to film this parody masterpiece. Whether you care to dine on them or not, you've got to admit that these brown, oblong creepers are unsettling to say the least. Here's a little bit of what the action-packed Peeled movie (if it gets made!) might have in store for you:

1. A Ouija Board

How else are you going to summon a potato-demon?

2. Romance

Nothing propels a good fright fest forward than a sweet love story in the mix.

3. Blood

A requirement for true terror.

4. Suspense

The scariest flicks always keep you guessing: Who's on your side, and who's on the dark side?

5. Potatoes

They're heeeeere! Only Peeled can prove how truly spine-tingling this starch can be.

Check out the trailer here.

Images: Katrina Naficy/YouTube