8 Untraditional Pizza Recipes Because Even the Perfect Margherita Can Get Boring

Pizza is just the best. Much like a best friend or a loyal dog, it's fun to hang out with, there when you need it, and it smells good. But I'm going to be brave and say what I know a lot of us are thinking: how many times can we eat bread, cheese. and sauce without getting a little bored?

I don't mean to insult pizza. I would never do that. I'm just suggesting that maybe we should branch out a bit. There are other toppings we can try besides pepperoni, mushrooms, and peppers. I searched long and hard for the untraditional pizza recipes you need to try immediately, and here are my (and soon to be your) eight favorites.

spaghetti squash pizza

An easy way to change up pizza is by using a different kind of crust. This spaghetti squash pizza crust recipe from A Beautiful Mess is as delicious as it looks.

Image: A Beautiful Mess

gluten free cauliflower crust pizza

Another option is the cauliflower crust pizza from Against All Grain. It’s gluten free, grain free, and low in carbs, so it’s basically guilt free too.

Image: Against All Grain

greek pita pizzas

If you need to have cheese and tomatoes then try these greek pita pizzas from The Comfort of Cooking. They are heavenly and incredibly easy to make.

Image: The Comfort of Cooking

thai peanut pulled pork pizza

If you are like me, you’ll will never say no to Thai food, and now we can combine our love of Thai food and our love of pizza with this tasty peanut pulled pork pizza from Little Leopard Book.

Image: Little Leopard Book

gluten free taco pizza

Maybe you aren’t a fan of Thai food, maybe you are a tacos and pizza kind of person. Well then this gluten-free taco pizza from Gluten Free On A Shoestring is about to change your life.

Image: Gluten Free On A Shoestring

vegan roasted tomato pizza with basil cashew cheeze

Who says vegans can’t have fun?

Me, I say that. Sorry. I won’t say it anymore though, because this vegan, roasted tomato pizza with basil cashew cheeze from Oh She Glows looks way better than most non-vegan meals I eat.

Image: Oh She Glows

strawberry, basil and balsamic pizza

You might be thinking “Fruit on a pizza?!” Well, a tomato is a fruit too! This strawberry, basil, and balsamic pizza by Cookie and Kate unreal. Make it tonight.

Image: Cookie and Kate

spinach ranch pizza

Many pizza lovers like to rip their crusts in ranch dressing but with this spinach ranch pie from Naturally Ella, you don’t even have to.

Image: Naturally Ella