Just How Long Do We Have To Wait For This?!

Whoever made the call to cast Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in the X-Men prequel movies (or in general) deserves a firm handshake and an expensive fruit basket. In the X-Men: Days of Future Past sneak peek released Monday on Good Morning America, and in all the trailers that came before it, Lawrence shows in just two minutes the acting chops it takes other people a lifetime to master. Mystique, for those who have been taking a Rip Van Winkle-length nap through all this, is the X-Men antagonist famous for her ability to transform herself into anyone else and, if there's one thing that Lawrence is good at, it's playing against type.

We learned that from The Hunger Games, we learned that from American Hustle, we learned that from X-Men: First Class, and we're about to learn it from X-Men: Days of Future Past, which hits theaters May 23. Has she ever played a character that was anywhere near her own energetic and adorkable nature? Doubtful. Has her audience ever watched her in a movie and doubted, for even a second, her ability to whole transform herself into her character? Not that I know of.

After all, it's hard to imagine Mystique tripping on the red carpet unless she's decided to transform into Jennifer Lawrence.

Of course, Lawrence is only a small part of why the wait time for this movie is basically cruel in how long it is. Hugh Jackman, who received only a small cameo in X-Men: First Class, takes center stage as Wolverine in the trailer, receiving just as much focus as James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, playing Charles Xavier and Magneto, respectively. And, based on the trailer, that's a good thing. So set your clocks, fans of X-Men, J-Law, and, clearly, hyphens. Only two months to go.