Harry Potter Candles For Magical Fall Days

by Julia Seales

Autumn is the perfect season for Harry Potter fans — a time to indulge in Butterbeer and pumpkin pasties. Autumn is also the perfect season for candles — so it makes sense that readers could combine their love of the series and their love of the season by purchasing lots of Harry Potter candles.

In summer, it’s so warm that you may not think about lighting a candle, but once the air turns crisp it’s the perfect time to break out your candle collection. It should also be mentioned that autumn candle scents are obviously the best. Summer scenes include things like “sand” and “ocean.” Spring is consumed with flowery smells. Winter is a runner-up, but nothing beats the fall scents of leaves, cinnamon, apples, and of course, pumpkin.

Since these scents are basically already Harry Potter themed, if you go ahead and add these wonderful scents to the world of Harry Potter. Is there any better pairing than a book and a candle? Well, maybe if you add tea, you’ll have the perfect triple threat. You can Apparate into the wizarding world through the pure magic of candles… Here are a few of my favorites.

1. Hagrid's Pumpkin Patch

Is there anything more autumnal than Hagrid's pumpkin patch? Make any room smell like your favorite gamekeeper's garden with the Hagrid's Pumpkin Patch candle.

Hagrid's Pumpkin Patch Candle, $11.50, FromthePage on Etsy

2. Pumpkin Juice Candle

It's not a true Hogwarts feast until you complete the meal with a glass of pumpkin juice. Now you can feel as if you're always at a Hogwarts feast with this fragrant Pumpkin Juice candle. Just watch out for trolls in the dungeon...

Pumpkin Juice Candle, $10, FireflyCandlesCo on Etsy

3. Pumpkin Pasty Candle

Obviously, the world of Harry Potter has plenty of autumn scents to choose from, because the characters are even more obsessed with pumpkin than you are. Climb aboard the Hogwarts Express with this pumpkin pasty candle, and you'll feel as if you're purchasing the sweets from the mysterious trolley witch.

Pumpkin Pasty Candle, $16, WitAndWicks on Etsy

4. Amortentia Candle

This candle may or may not smell differently to different people. Or maybe, as it says in the description, it smells like peaches, hydrangeas, cherry blossoms, apples, and "something quite intoxicating."

Amortentia Candle, $6.50, WhiskeyDiamondCandle on Etsy

5. Restricted Section Candle

Who can resist the restricted section, with its mysterious collection of off-limits books? It's also hard to resist the restricted section candle, with its scent of "cedar, dust, freesia, with a hint of peony."

Restricted Section Candle, $14, HalfOakCandles on Etsy

6. Butterbeer Candle

With its classic scent of Hogsmeade, this Butterbeer candle is the perfect pick for a chilly fall day. It will warm you up almost as much as an actual glass of Butterbeer (so obviously, you should pair it with an actual glass of Butterbeer for the full effect).

Butterbeer Candle, $13.99, MMTrinkets on Etsy

7. Mrs. Weasley's Cookies Candle

Transport yourself to the Burrow with this candle, which has the scent of Mrs. Weasley's cookies. Is there any better scent in the world? Of course not — this one will make you feel right at home, just as Mrs. Weasley does with her hospitable nature.

Mrs. Weasley's Cookies Candle, $7.53, PretAGeek on Etsy

8. The Great Hall Candle

The Great Hall is the spot of so many amazing feasts around the holidays, from the Halloween feast to the Christmas parties. This Great Hall-scented candle smells of toasted graham crackers, and will make you feel as if you're enjoying an iconic feast on a chilly fall evening.

The Great Hall Candle, $10, GeekyGirlScents on Etsy

9. Chocolate Frog Candle

If you're a fan of sweet-smelling candles, this Chocolate Frog candle is the one for you. You don't even have to collect them all, and this one won't hop away — it will stay put, in all its chocolately glory.

Chocolate Frog Candle, $10, CherryPitCrafts on Etsy

10. Pixie Dust Candle

Gilderoy Lockhart has a hard time catching this candle, but you can find it easily on Etsy. Add a little magic to a crisp autumn night with the Pixie Dust candle.

Pixie Dust Candle, $13.99, MMTrinkets on Etsy

11. Mini Ravenclaw Candle

If you believe that wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure, this mini Ravenclaw candle is the perfect candle for you. Of course, if you're a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, or Slytherin at heart, DioCandleCompany also has the corresponding mini candles for each house, so there's one for everyone.

Mini Ravenclaw Candle, $4.50, DioCandleCompany on Etsy

12. Potions & Parchment

Old parchment, wood bookshelves, and a hint of must — it must smell just like Hermione's favorite place: the library.

Potions & Parchment, $10, WhiskeyDiamondCandle on Etsy

13. Hogsmeade Candle

Is there any scent more fitting of fall than the scent of Hogsmeade? This candle has three layers, so it's perfect if you just can't decide which HP-inspired scent you like best. The top layer is pumpkin juice, the middle is Butterbeer, and the bottom is mulled mead, making this the perfect HP-inspired autumn candle.

Hogsmeade Candle, $15, lumierecandleshop on Etsy

Image: MMTrinkets/Etsy (1)