13 Metallic Liquid Lipsticks To Shop For This Fall

by Jessica Willingham

Heavy metal lovers and '90s babies everywhere know all about frosty lips. It was the marker of a "cool girl" and a bit edgy at some points in fashion history, but it's one trend that always comes back around. Finally, we can get our glam on again. Here's all the metallic liquid lipsticks you can buy right now.

Glitter, metallics, and shiny things are back. We had a long love affair with liquid lipsticks, but matte finishes are so 2015. Now beauty influencers like makeup artist Pat McGrath and beauty business mogul Kylie Jenner are bringing glitter and metallic lips to the forefront with innovative products and really cool colors. And you don't have to pay big bucks online or shop a speciality flagship store — you can get a cool metallic lipstick with great formulation at the drugstore. What a time to be alive, right?

Fancy, edgy, rocker chic lips are way more wearable than you might think. Most formulas have a soft, pearly sheen that isn't chunky. Some, like McGrath's lip kits, can be played up or down depending on your mood and event. I like to pair a bold lip with understated eyes, or a classic wing — but you do you, boo.

Here's all my favorite metallic liquid lipstick options.

1. Milani Metallic Lip Creme

Milani Metallic Lip Creme, $8, Walgreens

It's not a huge range of colors, but they're gorgeous.

2. Kylie Cosmetics Metals

Kylie Cosmetics Metals Liquid Lipstick, $18, Kylie Cosmetics

Choose a metal finish to add even more drama to a dark lip look.

3. Too Faced Melted Metals

Too Faced Melted Metals, $21, Sephora

Pick from their super sweet range of pinks and purples.

4. NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream

NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream, $8, Ulta

So many greens and blues to choose from! If you love cool-toned lips, this line is for you.

5. Lime Crime Heavy Metals

Lime Crime Metallic Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick, $20, Amazon

Instead of glittery chunks, this formula features a smooth, pearly sheen.

6. Beauty Bakerie Metallic Liquid Lipstick

Beauty Bakerie Metallic Liquid Lipstick, $20, ASOS

These lippies will last all night long.

7. Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick

Jouer Cosmetics Long Wear Lip Cream Liquid Lipstick, $18, Nordstrom

Their sparkling lip toppers can transform any matte look into a metallic one.

8. Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004

Pat McGrath Labs Lust 004, $60, Sephora

This extreme lip kit can be layered on to look glittery, or keep it light for a more metallic finish.

9. Lip Land Cosmetics

Lip Land Cosmetics, $19, Lip Land

Choose from a gold, rose gold, or bronze shade. They're all winners.

10. Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip

Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip, $6, Amazon

These lippies are an incredible deal at just $6 a pop! You can grab all your favorite shades.

11. Black Moon Cosmetics

Selene, $18, Black Moon Cosmetics

Look for metallic, glitter, sheen, or pearlized finishes.

12. Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paints

Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paints, $17, Coloured Raine

This light sheen is so wearable.

13. OFRA Cosmetics Duo Chrome Set

OFRA Cosmetics Duo Chrome Set, $50, Ofra Cosmetics

Shimma, shimma!

Now go and get your shine on ladies and gents!

Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram