See Kylie Metal Matte Lipsticks IRL

Kylie Jenner fans and lipstick lovers are anxiously waiting for the new Kylie Metal Matte lipsticks to go on sale. The Twitter reactions to the Metal Mattes were insanely passionate, to say the very least. That's because the Coachella-ready lipsticks have a molten, metallic, and chrome-like finish that will give the wearer instant "look at me" lips. Jenner and her Kylie Cosmetics team shared Instagram videos of the color swatches for the three Metal Mattes. They also posted the pretty packaging. That was enough to get fans who were already clamoring for Kylie Lip Kits and Kylie Glosses super excited. The Metal Mattes —Heir (rose gold), King K (gold), and Reign (blush)— are absolutely stunning when swiped on the back of the hand and as a dripping graphic on the white box packaging. But what do Kylie Metal Mattes look like IRL and on actual lips?

I am so glad you asked. The Kylie Cosmetics official Instagram posted a photo of Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods rocking Reign. In addition to palling around with the reality star, Woods has the fabulous and enviable job of testing new Kylie Cosmetics shades. She is crazy beautiful and fans often get the first look at the new lip products IRL via Woods' plump pout.

OMG, right? Reign is the perfect color for summer lips, especially if you pair this lippie with a few other shimmery products in the same color family a la Woods. Or you could go totally bare and just rock Reign for a healthy dose of color that will brighten up your face when you are in a lazy mood or if it's too hot to deal with tons of product.

In this case, the gilded shade King K is worn with a Lip Kit lip liner and acts as a lip highlighter. Ooh! You can add punch to other lip products with one or two swipes of a Metal Matte.

Here are all three shades as swatches. You can study them and then decide which you want to purchase when they finally go on sale.

Even the packaging is rad, isn't it?

It's only a matter of time before you can attempt to shop the Metal Mattes and paint your own pout with their metallic goodness.

Images: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram (3); Kylie Jenner/Instagram (1)