This Might Be The Ultimate Magic Kingdom Wedding

If you ever dreamed about having your wedding at Disney World in Florida, your wish has finally come true. That's right: Thanks to the Magic Kingdom After-Hours Experience, you can now get married at the Magic Kingdom at night, making the whole experience even more dreamy and romantic. I don't really need to make a joke about living happily ever after, do I? You've probably already made it yourself by now.

While it's true that you've long been able to get married at Disney World, including at select locations in a few of the parks, the park-based venues have always had time constraints on them: For any of the EPCOT World Showcase pavilions and the East Plaza Garden and Walt Disney World Railroad locations in the Magic Kingdom, the only ceremony options are early in the morning. The Magic Kingdom After-Hours Experience, however, comes with a ceremony time of 11 p.m., after the park has closed to the public. And while all the other venues with their morning start times are neat in their own way, people are obviously pumped to get married in the park at nighttime. What is more romantic than having a lit up Cinderella's castle in the background of your photos? Not much!

It appears that you have a good bit of selection power if you choose this package, too. You can, for example, have a horse-drawn carriage bring you around the park and have fireworks go off after you say "I do." You can have up to 300 guests at your ceremony and have them dine with you afterwards in Fantasyland. It appears that you can also choose your decor, such as flowers and table settings.

According to Buzzfeed, the price tag on this fairytale is not cheap; in fact, it comes in at about $180,000. But remember: That's for getting the entire park to yourself, at night. Disney does offer plenty of other wedding options that are more affordable, though — and either way, the best choice for your wedding simply comes down to what will make you and your partner the happiest. And what princess or prince doesn't crave a little Disney magic when they're tying the knot?

You can watch Disney's video about the wedding package below:

If you're looking for a little nostalgia-inspired joy at your wedding, getting married at Disney seems pretty darn perfect. You can always incorporate Disney-inspired wedding themes or ideas into your wedding at home or another location, as well! Make your own wishes come true, princesses (and princes)!

Images: Disney Weddings/YouTube; Giphy (2)