11 Memes To Share On National Dessert Day

What's better than a warm, home-cooked meal, fresh out of the oven? The deliciously sweet dessert that follows it obviously, and the makers of these 11 dessert memes for National Dessert Day are in complete agreement with me on that. No, seriously, they get it.

Oct. 14 marks National Dessert Day, and while there are dozens of ways to celebrate (ice cream, cake, cookies, pie, brownies — you catch my drift), why not throw some hilarious dessert-loving memes into the mix? Laughs and sugar just seem like the perfect combo, don't they? Whether a few chuckles will help you better digest your dessert, I can't tell you, but I do think they're absolutely good for the soul (just like dessert!).

These memes can attest to quite a few things, including the fact that no matter how full somebody is, there is still always room for dessert. It's almost as if humans have a second stomach entirely dedicated to sweets, right? And for those of you who aren't dessert fans, the rest of us will never quite understand you. As for the rest of us (normal) humans, get your sweet tooth fix today, because there's an entire national day dedicated to it. Dreams really do come true!

It's just the way it is.

Never tell a kid they can't have dessert.

You would be my hero if you ate dessert first.

No, one most certainly does not.

I'm telling you now, chill bro.

This is a smart man.

Say it ain't so!

Easy enough.

Even Grumpy Cat realizes how messed up that is.

Me in a nutshell.

Crueler words have never been spoken.

Images: MemeCenter