Why ‘Bachelor’ Couples Deserve A Private Wedding

Pretty much the moment a season of The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, or Bachelor in Paradise ends, people begin asking the lucky couples who are left standing when exactly they’re going to get married. For many of the Bachelor couples that have made it all the way to their wedding day, their big days are usually aired on broadcast television for all to see. This is fine, of course, if it's something they want — but, there are also a lot of reasons why Bachelor couples deserve a private wedding too, if they want one.

I think it’s easy to lose sight of what is really happening as we watch these reality romance shows and stuff our faces with whatever food is nearby. It’s entertainment, sure, but it’s also entertainment about people lives. As kind and generous as these contestants have been by letting the viewing audience into their lives during one of the most difficult journeys they’ve faced — finding love — that doesn’t mean that we’re entitled to their lives for the rest of time. So even though some couples have chosen to make their weddings a public affair, I’m sure there are some private couples out there in Bachelor nation that want their ceremonies to be between just them.

It goes without saying that, on a couple’s wedding day, they should be able to do what they want, but just in case it doesn’t, here are some really valid reasons why these couples should be allowed to wed in private if they choose.

1. Because It’s The Biggest Moment Of Their Lives

The Bachelor stages finding love as sort of a competition. But getting married? That’s a big moment that isn’t about entertaining millions. It’s not a game. It’s the biggest commitment these people will make in their lives.

2. Because It’s The Most Intimate Moment Of Their Lives

I get hives just thinking about vowing to spend the rest of my life with someone in front of my family. I can’t imagine doing it in front of millions of viewers. It is such a special moment for a couple, it seems crazy to me to have strangers watching it.

3. Because It Might Prevent Loved Ones From Showing Up

Do I want to be caught on national television taking advantage of the open bar and dancing inappropriately all night long? No. Could I rein in my normal wedding behavior if I knew I were going to be on TV? Maybe.

4. Because It Might Make Loved Ones Who Don’t Love You Show Up

Ugh. Just when you think you can get away with an invite to Uncle Gene and Aunt Betty because you know they’ll say no, the chance to get their 15 minutes of fame would mean that literally everyone and their uncle would show up to your big day.

5. Because You Have To Invite All Of The Other Bachelor And Bachelorette Contestants

It’s one thing if you’re actually still friends, but I’m sure, for most Bachelor couples, inviting all of those people from other seasons is all about making it a good show, not making it your special day.

6. Because It’s A Personal Process

Think of all the moments that you would have to either reshoot or try to do in private: Getting dressed, getting your makeup done, having your bridesmaid hold up your dress while you pee, etc.

7. Because All Of That Lighting

Forget the romantic ambiance you’ve dreamed about ever since you saw that perfectly lighted tent in Father of the Bride, camera lighting is bright and white and not in the least bit sexy.

8. Because Something Could Go Very Wrong

What if someone gets cold feet? What if your dress rips? I’m sure the producers would edit all of it into one pretty little package, but a wedding has too many moving parts to try to control the whole thing in the way that television requires.

9. Because It Would Probably Be Edited To Within An Inch Of Its Life

Cue the romantic music that no one actually heard when they were at your wedding. Oh, and the montage of the days leading up to the wedding where you fought over cake flavors. Thanks for needlessly creating drama, producers.

10. Because That’s A Whole Other Level Of Wedding Day Pressure

Can you imagine? Not only do you have to make sure your family gets along with your new spouse's family, and that your friends are having enough fun, but, oh, you also have to worry about camera angles and hitting your mark.

11. Because No One Should Have To Do Anything On Their Wedding That They Don’t Absolutely Want To Do

This is hands down the first rule of wedding planning. If a Bachelor couple doesn’t want to get married in public, they shouldn’t have to. It’s their day and they can do it their way.

And if we have to catch highlights of it on Instagram five days later, so be it.

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