Proof That 'The Bachelor' Really Does Lead To Love

I'm a huge fan of the Bachelor franchise. But, it was hard to buy into the concept of the show at first. Many critics were quick to point out that countless proposals have ended in breakups instead of weddings. For a great deal of time, the only successful engagement was that of first Bachelorette Trista who married contestant Ryan Sutter. Recently though, couples have been finding more success, and the show is quick to televise and promote it. The several upcoming Bachelor weddings prove that the show really can work.

There's still the original success story of Trista and Ryan Sutter, going on 10+ years. But, now other couples are joining their ranks. These successes include Jason and Molly Mesnick, Ashley and JP Rosenbaum, Sean and Catherine Lowe, Desiree and Chris Siegfried, and Bachelor in Paradise stars Jade and Tanner Tolbert. Between these couples and future possible weddings, the Bachelor world has been filled with lasting relationships lately.

Chris Harrison, the show's host, is the first to promote The Bachelor's successful and upcoming weddings, as he did recently while co-hosting LIVE with Kelly on Monday, September 12. As he pointed out, in many cases, he even officiates the very real ceremonies.

In addition to the already married couples, there are many currently engaged Bachelor Nation pairings, including three that just came out of Bachelor in Paradise plus Ben and Lauren, Kaitlin and Shawn, JoJo and Jordan. While all those engagements may not lead to ceremonies, I think at least a few of them will. And those will only add to the growing success stories from the franchise. Not only are there now countless wedding,s but Bachelor babies are also a thing. Check Catherine and Sean's adorable new baby.

With kids running around and wedding ceremonies abound, it is hard to deny that love can be found on The Bachelor, Bachelorette and even on Bachelor in Paradise. That is not to say there isn't still entertainment value in watching one person dating 20+ people at once. The rose ceremonies, the dramatic cocktail parties, the awkward fantasy suites, and all that happens in between is still fun to watch. Yet, the show also undeniably has the potential to be successful for real, lasting romance.

The question becomes less, "Does the show work?" and more, "Who will get married next?" There are plenty of possibilities. Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe and her fiancé Shawn Booth live and travel together. Former Bachelor Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are still engaged and even have a new TV show on the way. Jordan and JoJo are going strong in the face of the naysayers. And then there are the three engagements that came out of the most recent season of Bachelor in Paradise. If I had to put my money on one, I would say BiP stars Carly Waddell and Evan Bass will be next. Something feels very legit about this quirky couple.

I hope success for all Bachelor couples. And, may all their weddings be televised so I can watch.

Image: ABC