Can Raimy Save Her Mom On 'Frequency'? The Movie's Ending Should Give You Hope

Have you ever tried so hard to correct a mistake that you ended up creating a whole slew of other problems instead? Well, that's sort of what Raimy is dealing with on Frequency, The CW's remake of the 2000 film of the same name, except her "mistake" was messing with time, thus changing the past and seriously messing up her own future. After learning that she can communicate with her long-dead father via ham radio — creating a direct line from the present day to 20 years ago — Raimy uses the newfound technology to warn her father, Frank, of his impending demise. Raimy is able to save Frank, but as a result, her mother, Julie, is murdered by a serial killer. With Julie gone, Raimy and her father — both cops in their respective timelines — must hunt down the killer before it's too late. But can Raimy's mom actually be saved on Frequency , or will she have to live with the ramifications of her actions?

Right now, we have no idea how Frank and Raimy will be able to undo the mess that they inadvertently made, but there is one big indication that suggests they will be able to: the Frequency movie. The series follows the same general plot of the film, with Raimy being the main character in the show, as opposed to the movie's John. But many other elements stayed exactly the same, including the ham radio, Nightingale Killer, and, sadly, Raimy's mother's death. However, just like John was in the film, Raimy is determined to save not only her father's life, but her mother's as well — and since it ultimately worked out for John, we can only hope that Raimy will be successful as well.

In the film, John's mother, a nurse, actually saves the Nightingale Killer from dying in the hospital in the new timeline, because John saving Frank meant she didn't leave the hospital early upon receiving the news. Thus, the Nightingale Killer is able to kill more people, including John's mother herself. However, there's good news: after John and his father put together the pieces of how and why the timelines diverged so greatly, they are able to create a plan to stop the additional murders from happening and save John's mom. The film ends with John and both of his parents enjoying a baseball game together, the timeline finally fixed in the best way possible.

Could this happen on Frequency, the TV show? It's definitely possible, though it's doubtful we'll get an ending quite that neat should the series get renewed for a second season. While I wouldn't be surprised if Frequency finds a way to save Raimy's mother, there's no way that saving her won't cause some serious changes to another aspect of Raimy's life. If we learned anything from the series so far, it's that altering a timeline comes with its own unique challenges — and always at a price.

Images: Diyah Pera, Bettina Strauss/The CW