These Hilarious Ken Bone Sweater Reviews Will Make You Want To Replicate His Signature Look

Ken Bone's question about the candidates' energy policy was the debate query heard 'round the world, and not for Donald Trump's nonsensical answer about coal production; rather, it was Bone's red sweater that won the hearts of the American public during such trying times. Bone stood proudly in front of the presidential candidates, with millions of viewers' eyes on him, and dared to carve a deserved place for himself in this insanity we've been calling the 2016 presidential election. And judging by the reviews on Bone's sweater, you'll soon find yourself wanting to own the sweater of the election.

Since appearing in Sunday's third presidential debate, Bone's sweater has shot to fame. Though it has since been restocked, the IZOD cable sweater initially sold out on Amazon by Monday. It looks like Amazon may not have been able to keep up with the demand for Bone's signature color, so if you want that classic red you'll have to head over to JCPenney's collection.

But no matter the color, the effect is the same — the reviews are in, and Bone's sweater is the most-beloved thing to have happened in the 2016 election. Here's a roundup of some of the best five-star reviews:

1. Some Heroes Wear IZOD Men's Cable Sweaters

This cable knit sweater paired with a white oxford is the perfect combo when staring down fascism. The only thing you'll be grabbing while wearing this sweater is the hearts of all Americans. Runs a little small.

2. President Ken Bone

I was inspired by future President of the United States Ken Bone. I love everything he stands for and that includes beautiful quarter zip red sweaters. #4yearsofsweaterweather

3. Only The Bonely

When you're watching your country punch itself in the face over and over again, this sweater is just the thing. Perfect for pairing with a kindly energy nerd and about seventeen shots of whiskey.

4. Ken Bone's Sweater Inspired Me

What an amazing sweater. So happy to be ordering the same sweater the man, the myth, and the legend, Ken Bone wore.

5. Signal Your High Mindedness With This Quality Sweater.

My wife's son love's this sweater. The cut is perfect for his low testosterone body type and the envy of all the other Death Camp for Cutie fans at the piercing store he works in.

6. Legendary Sweater

I bought this sweater yesterday and have already gotten 5 numbers from girls around town.

7. Five Stars

If it's good enough for Ken Bone, it's good enough for me. Power to the people!!!

It seems Bone's sweater has restored some faith in American democracy. Now get out there and become a certified Bonehead.