Luke Hemmings' Snapchat Is A Gift To This Earth

by Michelle McGahan

Sounds Live Feels Live may be over, but 5 Seconds of Summer fans certainly had a lot to celebrate this week — namely, Luke Hemmings made a public Snapchat (username: lukehemmings) and it is everything (everything) that is right with the world. While the guys are currently enjoying a well-deserved post-tour break, in comes Hemmings — out of nowhere, I might add — with everything from puppy filters to actual puppies to brighten up your Snap story feed. What have we done in this life to deserve such beauty?

TBH, the discovery and subsequent announcement of Hemmings' individual account came as a pleasant surprise to 5SOS fans, who are well aware that the singer-guitarist is one of the least active members on the band Snapchat — not to mention the fact that he is now the first of the group to go public with his own account. Needless to say, fans immediately flocked towards Hemmings' Snap story like crows in The Birds (that is, a less evil and more thirsty version), where we were instantly met with filtered selfies and bandmate face swaps galore. Hemmings has also #blessed us with multiple videos of himself laughing, so I'd say that he's already killing the Snapchat game.

Check out the best of Luke Hemmings' Snapchat below.

He Loves A Goofy Filter

Still waiting on the golden rays of the butterfly crown, TBH.

Ain't No Filter Like All The Dog Filter

That dimple though.

He Also Snaps Actual Puppies

A day with Lenny is a day with laughter.

(Tea) Parties With The Band

Nightmare-Inducing Face Swaps With The Band

Muke is actually Justin Bieber.

And The Snap That Started It All


And this is just the first few days, guys. The best part about it is that there's so much more Luke Hemmings Snapchat gold in store.