Let's Talk About Luke Hemmings On Snapchat

by Michelle McGahan

It's been approximately seven months since the guys of 5 Seconds of Summer #blessed us by joining Snapchat (username: wearefivesos), and it's been seven months of Snap stories filled with puppy filters, face swaps, goofy videos, and behind-the-scenes clips of 5SOS generally actin' a fool. While each of the members take turns Snapchattin' away (and it's always best when they're Snapchatting together), it's really Ashton Irwin who Snaps the most frequently, updating fans on the band's whereabouts — particularly as they travel all around the world on their Sounds Live Feels Live tour. And while the Ashton and Calum and Michael girls all want to know if their fave has his own Snapchat name, I'll speak on behalf of the Luke stans in asking: Does Luke Hemmings have Snapchat?

If the 5SOS frontman does have his own account, it's not a public one. (In fact, none of the guys — except for maybe Michael Clifford that one time, and, uh, Calum Hood that other time — have their own Snapchat accounts). But fret not, my fellow stans, as the band Snapchat is frequently filled with as many Luke Hemmings tidbits as our Luke-loving hearts desire. There's no doubt that Irwin and Clifford are the best at remembering to use the app, but there are plenty of Hemmings moments to screenshot and subsequently obsess over for days. Trust me on this.

The Man Loves A Good Filter

When Luke Hemmings is on the band's Snapchat, nine times outta ten it's to play around with what new filters they're working with.

No, Really

So many filters, so little time.

Sometimes He Proves What Snapchat Is All About

Which means Drake and a filter and laugh.

And, As We All Know, The Band Loves A Good Dance Party

This is obviously how they get hyped for shows.

Turns Out, He's A Beast At Pull-Ups

Look at that pinky.

And Because The Gods Have Blessed Us, Sometimes He'll Go Shirtless

He can be throwing up rainbows, the only thing the 5SOS fam is aware of in this Snapchat is the fact that Luke is sans shirt.

And, On Very Rare Occasion That Needs To Happen Way More Frequently Than It Does, He'll Sing A Cappella

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