Kaley Cuoco Tattooed Her Wedding Date on Her Back: 10 Stars With Ink Who Stayed Together

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Say what you want about Kaley Cuoco, but there's no question the girl knows what she wants. Less than twelve months ago, the Big Bang Theory star met tennis pro Ryan Sweeney, and in the short time since, the duo began dating, became engaged, and got married. Now, nearly three months into the couple's marriage, she has taken the relationship to an even higher level of commitment: Kaley Cuoco tattooed her wedding date on her back.

For those who dismissed the couple's relationship as short-lived spontaneity, Cuoco's tattoo is a clear sign that she's not backing out anytime soon. Still, getting a permanent reminder of the person one's with, no matter how right it may feel at the time, is always a bit risky. What if you break up? Not every tattoo can be changed into "Wino forever," you know. Still, way more stars than we ever would have thought have gotten love-inspired ink and are still together all these years later. Here's hoping Cuoco follows the paths of these 10 examples.

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