And Your Next 'AHS' Title Is...

I guess it's finally nearing the time to let go of those "Who is the next supreme" jokes. Dammit. But out of those are sure to come more gasps and "ews" and general weirdness, because American Horror Story Season 4's now got a title. We learned a little while ago that the first post-Coven season would be set at a carnival, and now it's extra official that American Horror Story: Freak Show is headed your way. Expect some un-PC dealings in...well, everything, because not only is this season set in a carnival, it's also set in the 1950s.

The title was confirmed by AHS scribe Douglas Petrie, followed by confirmation from Ryan Murphy's twitter account. This is all just in time for the show's March 28 Paleyfest panel in Los Angeles, at which point maybe some more details will be divulged.

This season will tragically be Jessica Lange's last with the show, and probably with acting for a while in general. She's starred in all three seasons of the show so far, from Murder House, to Asylum, to Coven. Let's all just cross our fingers and hope that Freak Show brings about another musical number, because we all need more of this in our lives:

Image: FX