Jessica Lange Makes Big Announcement

One of the steadfast principles that has made American Horror Story as popular as it is is the fact that Jessica Lange is damn awesome. Think of her as an American Helen Mirren; an older woman who makes the self-esteem of twentysomethings buckle under her dynamic sexuality. Jessica Lange might quit acting soon, though, which makes us want to crash to our knees Darth Vader style and scream, "Noooooooooooo."

To be fair to Lange, she has had 40 years in the acting business, so desiring a separation from that makes sense. "I think within a couple of years I want a new adventure in life," she said during an appearance on Today. "I've been doing this quite a long time."

Damn straight she has. Pressed as to what that adventure might comprise once she's stepped out of the career that brought us Jessica Lange in Tootsie and Jessica Lange in American Horror Story, she said, "I want to be open to the possibility and I think you can only do that if you're not committed to something else."

Which is, you know, legit. But we'll miiissss herrrrrrrr.

We already know Lange is committed to American Horror Story for a fourth season, but what of the show's possible future from thereon out? Who else might Ryan Murphy recruit to play so devilishly charming? We know Connie Britton usually plays shining examples of golden(-haired) humanity, but we'd love to see her in a villainous role. If Madeleine Stowe ever leaves Revenge she'd be great. What's Sarah Jessica Parker up to? She's nothing like Jessica Lange, but we want to see her be mean in something.

Meanwhile, we are still groovin' to this: