When Can You Buy The Harry Potter Makeup Brushes? They'll Be Here Faster Than A Golden Snitch

The fact that Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them franchise is going to have five (!) movies in it isn't the only amazing news for Harry Potter fans today: Harry Potter makeup brushes are officially a thing. And, thankfully, they're coming sooner than you think. So when can you buy the Harry Potter makeup brushes?

Storybook Cosmetics announced the product on their Instagram page on Thursday, and the Internet (rightfully) freaked out. The five silver brushes, which are inspired by the many wands of the wizarding world, can be used to apply eyeshadow, highlighter and powder. Based on subsequent posts, it looks like the collection will be launching some time in the next six weeks.

The ladies at Storybook acknowledge that the brushes will sell out quickly, which is no surprise considering it's a small brand and this is their first major product launch. Since there's no actual date that we can expect to get our hands on these magical makeup brushes, your best bet is to hit that follow request and keep your eyes glued to their feed. There is no website as of now, so keep a lookout for where to place your order when the time comes to start furiously clicking like the future of Hogwarts depended on it.

They've also dropped hints about an HP inspired palette, called "The Sorting Palette," with shades named after all of the qualities of our favorite wizards, like "loyal," "wise" and "cunning." To apply "sly" green eyeshadow with a wand-shaped brush is pretty much a Potterhead's dream come true, so we can all only hope that this rendering becomes a reality in the near future

Based on Storybook's page, it looks like they are planning on adding more franchise-inspired makeup to their collection (based on licensing rights) including a Mean Girls Palette that includes a shade called "A Mouse, Duh," which I would basically kill for.

Fingers are crossed that everything works out and we can expect even more lustworthy products from the Storybook team. In the meantime, we'll be practicing our spells while we patiently await the arrival of our wands.

Images: Storybookcosmetics/Instagram