Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum Palette Is Available To Buy If You’re A UD Junkie

Urban Decay is known for their incredible range of products. From their gorgeous collection of NAKED palettes to their stunning and massive collection of Vice lipsticks, they've got it all. Now, the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette is here delivering color in the most incredible rainbow of shades many beauty junkies have ever seen. Plus, it seems as though your status as a junkie could come in handy right now because the Urban Decay Full Spectrum Palette is on sale right now for Urban Decay Beauty Junkies.

While the official launch date of the palette isn't until Oct. 26, the brand decided to give their biggest fans a little head start with getting their hands on the palette. However, the head start is only for member of Urban Decay's Beauty Junkie program. While sometimes fans are required to have Obsessed, Freak, or Rockstar status in order to access certain perks, it seems as though a membership in the Beauty Junkie program is all that's required to snag the palette right now.

Ringing in at $55, the palette is also totally in line with Urban Decay's other product's costs, and considering that you get 21 stunningly vibrant hues, it's not just gorgeous, but it's also a pretty great deal.

If colorful eyeshadow palettes are your jam, the Full Spectrum Palette is actually a genius product for you. While 18 of the shades are already existing Urban Decay colors, the brand combining them was genius.

With such a gorgeous palette accessible to fans of the brand, why not take advantage of the preview? If the Full Spectrum palette was on your holiday to-buy list, now's your chance to get it while it's hot.

Images: Urban Decay/Instagram