Will April & Jackson Get Back Together On 'Grey's Anatomy'? Their Baby Has Brought Them Closer

I must have done something right when praying to Shonda Rhimes, because I think that my biggest Grey’s Anatomy wish will come true — April and Jackson could get back together on Grey’s Anatomy . These two have had quite the tumultuous relationship over the past few seasons, but it seems like things are on the up-and-up, and it’s all thanks to baby Harriet.

When April and Jackson found out April was pregnant, they decided to do the responsible adult thing and co-parent their daughter. April’s delivery was, shall we say, difficult — she was cut open without anesthesia for an emergency caesarean section — and so was her recovery. April and Jackson have been living together for Harriet’s first few months so Jackson could help with the baby during April’s healing, and it seems like it’s working for them. Well, except the fact that April considers herself a guest in Jackson’s house and wants to help him do everything because Kepners are, by definition, “great guests.” Eventually, Jackson and April realize they’re being too formal around each other, and Jackson tells April that she doesn’t have to move out. She and Harriet should stay at Chez Avery, and they looked at each other with eyes that made me squeal with delight.


Could April and Jackson really get back together? Well, why not? It’s a long road to recovery, but their relationship has taken plenty of hits before. Let’s give these two very attractive new parents a win. I’m not saying they have to get married again or anything, but maybe a kiss would be good. A kiss while co-parenting their adorable new baby girl. Something to make me believe that happiness can exist in Shonda Rhimes’ twisted Grey’s Anatomy brain, because none of the couples on the show are content. Let’s make some magic happen, people!

Images: Eric McCandless/ABC; Giphy